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    Do you have the knack to convey the message in sign language

    Language is the medium through which the personal and official works get going. While some of us are very talkative and keep on get engage with other persons talking and convincing their views. But there are people who would gesture with the hands an that is so perfect communication in silence and many of my friends mastered over it. However others should not feel that we are suffering from the dumb and could not speak. Sign language is known to those who are habituated daily and for the others it would be puzzle to watch them.
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    To convey our ideas and thoughts we use language as a medium. When the language is not a common language, understanding will be difficult. Then we will convey our ideas and thoughts in signs. But there is no common sign code to convey the message. For the deaf and dumb people, there is a code language which they will use to convey their thoughts and ideas.
    But that codes will not be understood by many people. One of my sisters is deaf and dumb and she uses that code language to convey her ideas and thoughts. Because of her I learned some codes and use them. But I am not perfect.

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    Indeed, we communicate with other people in vernacular but sometimes, we use signs to express our opinion in our normal life too. Like we ask someone whether or not he is agree with us on certain issue. He may say yes or no and may explain too, but you may notice that he just nod his head for yes no and we understand it what he wants to say. Likewise if someone is standing at a distance and we can use signs to convey our message and we understand these signs while exchanging to each other. But the author has raised the issue of the signs as a medium of language which is used between those people who are not able to speak or communicate. These signs are their medium of communication. If we get in touch with them for a long time we will start learning their thought or communication up to some extent even without learning their language.

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    Though the language is the means to reach out to people with the proper representation of our sentiments and feelings. Without the language, the communication cannot be effective and we would be failing to make others understand our thoughts. We may come across the deaf and dumb people and in that situation it becomes difficult for us to communicate with the sign convention. However, such classes are proficient enough in putting their views through the sign gesture. They are so perfect in such code languages that they can express their views in silent mode representing the relevant facts.

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    For example my mother could not hear well and we used to show gestures to make her understand.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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