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    We should take life pragmatically

    How many times in your life have you experienced hurt, disappointment, anger, or stress, from the difference between your imagination and reality?
    We're very creative creatures. And when we set out to do things, we always expect that everything will turn out exactly the way we want. Does this sound familiar?
    We expect a lot in our lives and do planning for our future too. But, Do chances of those scenarios coming true?
    I can't say exactly. But I guess it's somewhere close to ZERO. On top of that, unexpected events can blow up all our plans. Lately, the pandemic has affected us at large. We, on the whole, have been victimised by recession, joblessness, economic crisis and much more. But it's not the end of the world. We've been through challenging times before. And I'm not trying to bash your dreams here. But a little pragmatism can never hurt. It's not practical to have high expectations because they hardly come true, nevertheless, we can't stop dreaming of a good future too.
    However, we should keep our feet on the ground quite firmly that enables us to defy every stormy wave. If our arrogance lifts our feet a gusty wind fells us easily.
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    We do think that everything should go on well and as planned and even initiate the works in that directions.But unfortunately every work of us are being controlled and managed by us behind the scenes and this pose the real problem as we are not able to take right decision at right time. For example in a office either we have to work from the top to bottom series and channels or the vice versa, That means our work needed to be coordinated and cooperated with others also matching with our pace. In that process we may get our work hampered because the ulterior motives of the seniors or the junior staff down the line. This happens in many govt department and that is the reason being so people fume at the departmental works get delayed for one single officer or clerk shows his importance and stall the progress of the work.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The practical ground realities can be to totally different from the theoretical perspectives which we often have in our life. So, it makes sense to realise and understand things sensibly and realistically in a way that is based on practical rather than theoretical considerations. There is one old saying that man proposes, God disposes. Our thinking and aspirations might not come true in many cases and we have to understand the logic behind each failure and disaster. I would like to share a personal experience in this regard that after doing my PG, I had applied for some good scientific and technical position as advertised by UPSC at that time and about 60-70 candidates were called for interview after sorting of the merit based on marks of high school to PG in some predefined ratios. I was very hopeful about it as I had some capabilities physically and as per my background which made me to believe that I would be selected for that position. Moreover the number of vacancies was also large. After a month of the interview we got an information that due to unforeseen reasons the scientific project was scrapped and there was no appointment against that. So, it was a big blow to many candidates who were hoping for that nice opportunity. I also felt dejected and went back to my state and checked with local education department for temporary teaching positions and easily got one and joined that for some time till the permanent selected teachers (B.Ed. qualified) replaced me. Earlier, I was not joining that thinking that too low from my standards! Fortunately, by joining there I got exposed to real life experiences and then was able to take a better decision for further career making in my life. We have to understand the realities of life.
    Knowledge is power.

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