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    How was your work from home experience during lockdown due to covid 19?

    Hi, How was your work from home experience during lockdown due to covid 19? At first I liked that this is the right opportunity to do work from home. I thought I would easily manage work from home. I thought it was easy to work from home because work can be done easily in home environment but it turned out to be absolutely wrong presumption. The truth is that you cannot give full attention to your office work at home. There are many distractions all the time that confined me to work properly. For me work from home is not good idea for long term. Office environment is more suitable to get work done and to have work life balance. Please share your experience on this.
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    For that matter not everyone was bestowed or given order to have work from home facility. It is the fact that work home has become a new normal for many as they never expected that the temporary arrangement would turn out to be long and sustaining Most of the IT professionals have been asked to work from home. But those who are concerned with product and service Industry they need to be in the public touch and market and their work has become more challenging and they are exposed to virus and new disease across the country. And those who are concerned with factory works need to attend the routines and no other option. So work from home was not available to all and what I gathered information that people are doing more work than office tasks because their travel time hugely reduced.
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    Work from home was a totally different situation and for many of us it was a baffling situation as we were not habitual of working from home which was always thought to be a place where the people enjoyed with their families and had fun and frolic. So, everyone could not cope up with that. On the other hand some people who were already working from home like in IT area and other strategic places where they are supposed to be alert 24 hours for reviewing something or give a decision online, they were taking it in the usual way and did not feel any inconvenience. So it is only a matter of mindset of the person that decides whether to like this mode or not. Many of us are closing the door of one room from inside and remaining aloof from the family for a few hours and only coming out for lunch or some exigency. We have to adopt to the changing circumstances and simply blaming the situation would not help.
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    When normal activities are changed resistance comes up from all corners, it is quite normal. People are accustomed to conventional working environment and process. Due to lockdown during a pandemic, it was an unprecedented experience in the entire world but economic activities should not be standstill. it causes great loss and the same was experienced at large. Work from home was a new method of economic activities. Some people could adjust themselves but some people could not find it comfortable. It happens normally. They can't be blamed for it. It's human nature as they find it difficult to mould their activities in particular ways.
    I was not one of them who had to undergo this way of working. However, I got information from people who had to work from home found it hard to adjust themselves accordingly. It varies from person to person. Some people enjoyed this way of working especially who like to enjoy new ideas. Any novel idea changes into a problem or menace for some people if they are a bit closer to conservatism in ideology or ways. Liberalism makes mentality liberal and flexible too. I am also a bit rigid. I don't like frequent changes in any entity I am adhered to. I like to stick to a particular conventional way of working or performing related activities. It's human nature, so nobody can be blamed for this situation.

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    The experience of working from home has been different for the people, someone has enjoyed this time because they have got a lot of opportunities to be with the family and many people have missed their office environment more. But one thing that was found for almost all employees was that the work pressure has increased slightly for everyone, as the expectations of the company have also increased from the employee. When I saw some women of my identity, I understood that for them, working from home means taking two responsibilities together, the first one works from the office, but even then the responsibilities of the household especially towards children increase. So managing both in this situation has been a bit difficult for some women, but still, they are happy that they are getting time with family which they could not give while going to the office.

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    My two sons are software engineers and both of them are working from home almost from the last 10 months. Initially, they enjoyed it. But over a period of time, they are getting bored because of heavy work without any time schedule. The work starts around 9 AM and when the work for the day will be over is not known to them. Sometimes they receive calls during odd hours also. But one advantage is that there is no loss of time in commuting. They are able to work from anywhere without taking leave even though they are on move. My elder son even changed the job during this period and he joined on duty from home only.
    It may continue for another 4 or 5 months. I heard that some companies are thinking about permanent working from home. One way that will help people to go to their native villages and towns so that concentration at cities may come down.

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    IT companion were concerned with the better quality of outputs even in the corona phase but they were aware of the constraints coming across in discharging their duties. To carry out jobs uninterruptedly, they accepted the mode working from home. Change of place in continuing their jobs was not their concerns rather it was a concern for them how best the the jobs could be managed with the employees working from home. Even for the employees, it was not an easy task since they have the small kids often entering the room they are doing their jobs for the companies. It has multiplied their stress even since the kids would not like to have parting with their parents. Hence for many parents, it was not a pleasant experience though they maintained the target level of the companies.

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    Work from home is really enjoyable if it is for fixed period of time in a day. But, if there is no time schedule, then it will be a tedious job. In general it is a new lovely experience of this century. No commuting hurdles, spending more time with family, eating freshly cooked dish during working hours, that's a great experience.

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    It seems most of the members enjoyed work from home during their lockdown period. In my view it also depends upon the type of company you are working for. Some companies only expect employee to work on task that is equivalent working on office hours. Whereas some companies prefere to give more work while working from home.

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    I want to add one thing here that some people might not had liked working from home as different people have different temperament and doe of them like outing with friends, chatting with colleagues, group discussions in some open environment informal or formal like a canteen or conference hall etc and in absence of all those things they might be feeling aloof and isolated sitting in their houses and feeling bored as suddenly the lifestyle took a 180 degree turn. So to that extent many of us could not relish this imposed restrictions on us. But one thing is there which we all should appreciate that many of us learned how to use video conferencing facilities and other such application just sitting in a place.
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    I am a retired person and there is no necessity to work from home. From what I gathered from my brothers and sister's children is that initially they enjoyed work from home. Now they are feeling stressed. They feel that the companies are putting them under more stress by asking to work at late hours. I personally feel, working in an office environment is easy and less stressful.
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