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    Padma awards to foreigners. Is that justified ?

    Every year on the eve of Republic day the government would announce the most celebrated Padma awards for various Individuals of different walks of life who enhanced the prestige and pride of our country. This time 10 foreigners have been conferred with these awards and one of them being the former Japan PM Abe who was instrumental in bringing India and Japan relation on military exercise in Asian pacific region. Normally in the past these awards are given to Indian Icons but this time it is given to foreigners. Do you support this shift in thought process?
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    Many countries confer their some of the top awards on foreign personalities for strengthening the political and diplomatic ties with the particular country. If we remember and recollect that in last few years many such awards by foreign countries had been bestowed on our PM Mr Modi and we all felt much proud about that as the deluge of so many awards on an Indian personality was an unprecedented matter. It only shows that at international level our footing is getting more and more stronghold and even some countries are looking up to India with hope and aspirations. In this light of thinking I feel that there is nothing wrong in honouring the foreign nationals of repute by our Indian awards. It is a global gesture of recognition of the talent in the international scenario where so many forces are working to take the advantage of international business opportunities and other cooperative projects. These gestures simply accelerate the cooperative processes between the two countries.
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    May such awards is one of the confidence building. measure between two countries.
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    Why it is wrong to confer these prestigious awards to foreign dignitaries, I don't think it is wrong at all. Indians have also been conferred foreign in a different field. Giving awards to talented people improves bonds in humanity.
    We should think big. Pondering over trivial issues hinders us from coming out of narrow. mindedness. Nobel prize is given to people in a different field. Do you know who was he? He dedicated all his wealth to appreciate and recognize the talent of the genius of the world.

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    I strongly feel that it is inappropriate to award foreigners with Indian awards. Padma awards should be purely for Indians only. If required, we should introduce new equivalent awards to be awarded to foreigners by India. Such awards should have the titles in English. I was not happy when African leader Nelson Mandela was awarded 'Bharat Ratna' by India. What Mandela has done for India or Indians?

    Indian awards to foreign nationals is not justifiable. It is a wrong practice. We should introduce India's international awards exclusively for foreign national who deserve Indian awards.

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    These awards will be given to foreigners also who worked for the benefit of our country. There is nothing wrong in that. In fact, by giving these awards to foreigners, the relations between the two countries will get strengthened and these relations will come in handy during problems and bad relations with other countries.
    Earlier also I think these Padma awards were given to some foreigners, Even Bharat Ratna is given to Abdul Ghaffar Khan of Pakistan in 1987 who is not an Indian. Mother Teresa, a naturalized Indian citizen, also got this award in 1980.
    Similarly, Some Indians will also be awarded the highest awards of other countries and we take that as a recognition to the country more than the individual. It is a big pride to the country to have individuals as their citizens who will get such prestigious awards from other countries.,

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    This is not a new thing to our country. Fa Hien, Megasthanis like foreigners visited India during ancient kingdom and Kings during that period honoured them well and through such visitors our present Indians and foreign country people understand about India of that period. Honouring foreigners are not only respect to them but is pride for our country also.

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    We can see many Indians are honoured with awards in other countries. Our Indians got even Nobel prize.

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    Ramachandran Pattabiraman, Nobel Prizes are not specific to a country. They are meant for the whole world. The same is not true for the Padma awards, which are basically meant for Indians only. Yes, as suggested by Sun, there should be some separate awards created for the foreigners, not the same ones that are awarded to native Indians.
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