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    Parents should realise that children should be brought up in different fashion now

    Traditionally we had brought up our children in a very straight lined fashion that is to get good score in all the school and college exams, get an even better score in a competitive exam and then do a good course like medical, engineering, or management from a reputed institute, get a campus recruitment and make a career. So far so good. Today, the situation is drastically changed and this doctrine is not going to work because however good efforts the child does there are limitations of merit and only top ones will get the opportunity of flying high and all those who are very near to the top level neck to neck in their scores will remain disappointed with the results in their lives. This is a very serious issue and parents have a big responsibility to understand that the child is to be diverted to early certification and diploma programmes rather relentlessly acquiring higher education. If there are sufficient higher education institute in the country it does not mean that we should push our children to them to remain there for a long time and coming out as useless for a medicare job. We have to change our mindset and divert the children early to courses and trainings which add skills and get them chance of working in any industry and company at the working level or staff level or even start their own small business or servicing work. There are many ways to make a career in the industry and business today if the person does efforts wholeheartedly instead of wasting 5-7 years in pursuing higher and higher education. It is our prime responsibility, as parents, to teach the children the dignity of work. Members may like to comment.
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    I do agree that education has become more competitive and those who are matching with the performance are staying to be winners and others are just watchers. Parents feel that if the child scores 90 percent is far enough to get settled in life and career. But scoring 90 and above has become common and those who score the marks of 98 to 100 in all subjects are considered superlative and get going. Parents has to realize the just education with pass makes does not going to serve the purpose because the competition is hot and those who score more are the front runners to win for sure. Gone are the days when distinction scoring marks were given due importance but over the course of time the range of marks which gets the respect in the society is between 95 and 99 and those are the winners all the way.
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    In this age number of job seekers is much higher than what it was in past. Jobs are shrinking and well qualified people are increasing in quantity and quality. Opportunity for employment ,however, still coming but proportionately are quite less to carry this burden of unemployment and meet this menace. They can't miss even. a single chance. Time is extremely important. The author has implied to this aspect that timings of opportunities should be arrayed. Missing their timings may carry these career builders to repentance. Parents undoubtedly have greater onus for them particularly for their children who are not matured enough to adjust their timing within the framework of opportunities and in accordance with the career building procedure.

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    I completely agree with the author. In today's time, taking higher education or degrees is not just a medium. Parents will have to understand that by recognizing the specialties of the children, they should move in the right direction as soon as possible and to avoid wasting their time. Not only the parents but the children themselves did not run after a crowd but made a new and successful path for themselves. There will be nothing to do with the education system's deficiencies or goodwill and sitting around hoping to change if some move ahead keeping in mind the demands of time with themselves and time. It is not necessary that if another person is in higher education, then your child will also reach higher education. I have a cousin brother who did not have much interest in studies while his other brother and sister were very intelligent, because of this situation, his mother decided and gave him an automobile diploma course at an early age is the result of this is that today he is a great businessman and his automobile business is a means of earning more than the income of both their siblings.

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    Because of the competition in every field and existing reservations system, many intelligent top scorers are suffering a lot. Even after getting a very good score in his qualifying examination, they are not able to get employment. To some extent, the IT industry in the private sector is helping the top scorers to get a job in campus interviews. But that industry can't take care of all the people.
    That is why one should not think of big academic qualifications. They can acquire some skills which will make him unique and his chances of getting employment will increase. One should not think that doing an engineering degree or MBBS degree is the only option to have a great career. These days there are many skills which are in demand. Parents should think in those lines and see that their children will have a good career.

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