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    Do not limit your faith to only idols.

    We all worship our favorite God and believe that they will always keep the grace on us. We have created different forms of our God and have given that a form of an idol and over a long time we have an attachment to God in the same idol form.

    It is a good thing that we go to the temple, pray for idols, get them in our house as well. All these actions are good ways for our mental peace. But the problem comes when the value or importance of the idol exceeds your faith, and you are not able to worship God if the idol is not there. I have seen many people who worship by the rule but they need an idol or a statue of God or a photo of God to worship them.

    If you have faith in your mind then you do not need any idol, statue, or photo. You can connect with your God from any place at any stage and join them, this is true devotion.
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    There are two schools of thoughts. One will believe in no shape and the other people believe in a shape to God. To worship God without anything in front requires a lot of concentration and focus. That is why many people go for idol worship. They sit before the idol and pray so that their mind will be on prayer only and not on other issues. Slowly over a period of time people will understand how to concentrate on prayer even though there is no idol before them. A lot of perfection is required to get into that mode. Only those people who don't have any worldly desires and aspirations may be able to do that.
    We all got accustomed to worship God in different forms and whenever we think about a particular form of God, his shape comes before our eyes as we have already a registered form of that particular form.

    always confident

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    It does not make much difference whether one worships God in an abstract form or idol form, what matters most is the faith and belief that there is a super power which is seeing everything and if we do good deeds then only we will be rewarded by Him and otherwise perish in this world or may be in hell after our departure from this physical form to some other state where only well being or miseries will be with us depending on the deeds we did here in this mortal world. So with that philosophy in our mind the purpose of believing in God is only for being a good human and if someone is believing in God and is not a good human then I do not think that God would be caring for him. He will be punished if not here then after the death. So those who know this thing try to be good human while they are alive.
    Knowledge is power.

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