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    Happy Republic Day to all of you.

    Today is important for our country, today our Constitution came into force. Although the Constitution was fully prepared on 26 November, which is celebrated as constitution day, the day for its implementation of the constitution was chosen on 26 January. It has been told in history that in the session of the Congress in 1929, it was decided that January 26, 1930, will be declared as of first Independence Day. In order to keep the importance of this day in history, the makers of our Constitution had decided to celebrate this day as Republic Day.

    Till today many amendments etc. have been done in our constitution but even today its preamble teaches us unity, integrity, etc. As Indian citizens, we should respect our constitution and be loyal to our rights as well as our duties.

    I would like to wish all ISCian, A very Happy Republic Day 2021.
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    Same to you.
    Happy Republic Day to all my fellow Indians, ISCians, including Management Team.

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    A happy Republic day to everyone at ISC. Really we are enjoying the fruits of independent Republic India because of the great leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru , Sardar Patel, Subash Chandra Bose, Lal Bahar Sastry, etc. like great people have sacrificed their lives and fought with British rulers. Their sacrifices paved way for Indian people to make their own constitution to rule ourselves. Dr. B.R. Ambedkar and all those great patriots have to be remembered forever for their great contributions to India an independent and Republic country.

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    Greetings to all Indians across the world on the occasion of our 72nd Republic Day. Let us remember the opening words of the Constitution of India 'We The People' and keep this in mind, that we are all one, discarding differences of caste and religion, and, most importantly, not trying to forcibly impose our religious or other beliefs on others.
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    I take this occasion to congratulate all the Indians for showing unity in diversity and showing a model country in this respect to the world. The fruits of the struggle of our forefathers who struggled and conducted the freedom movement and obtained freedom to the country by sacrificing their lives. We may be knowing the names of a few leaders but many people participated and struggled to see that we will get the freedom. We should thank all those people also on this day for their great contribution. Let us be proud to say that we are Indians.
    I wish all my fellow Indians a happy republicday.

    always confident

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    A happy "Republic Day" to all. On this day 72 years back, the Constitution of India came into force. The Constitution and the provisions made therein are to be honored by all the citizens of India. Strict adherence to the Constitution for our democracy to function smmothly.
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    Wishing all Indians a very Happy Republic Day! Hope all our efforts would be to ensure that the basic fabric of our Constitution that "We, the people' have given to ourselves is always safeguarded.

    Sorry for joining in late but there was a power failure and I could not log in.

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    I also wish a happy Republic Day to all the ISCians. Today is the great occasion to celebrate the independence and constitutional rights of all the Indian citizens and we feel a lot of pride in this. Let us all work for the overall growth of our country in whatever humble way we can contribute. Today our country is developing with great speed and becoming a big power in the world and it is imperative that the world is taking cognisance of his fact and that is helping us to gain international business and more opportunities are there to earn valuable foreign exchange as well as shape good relations with other world powers.
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    Today is the birthday of our Indian Constitution written by Dr Ambedkar and adopted by the Parliament and thus Indian become the republic having our own rules and laws. The equal justice and equal opportunity to all guarante bestowed on us ensure smooth functioning of the day to day affairs and no where in th wold the democratic is made on the principles of by the people , for the people and of the people. India takes pride in so many religions and regions and are all getting their say in the process of governance and administration.
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    I wish you all a Very Happy Republic Day! We are proud to be the citizens of the world's largest democracy and it's our responsibility to uphold the spirit of a truly democratic country. Let's take a pledge to remain united even in any odd situation. The freedom is heard-earned but with freedom comes extra responsibility and it is to see that everybody enjoys that freedom. The world is a place for all, you must have your own choices but also let the others make their own choices. Jai Hind!

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