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    People don't value your same words after a certain time.

    There are times when people need us so much that we feel that our or our word's value is the highest, but that value is really at that time only. Suppose you are a good motivational speaker, then a person would like to hear you more when he/she needs motivation or when he. she is upset. Apart from this, when the time is going well in their life, they are climbing up the ladder of progress, then perhaps your same words will look like a boring speech to them.

    I am not saying that our words are not worth it, but perhaps the value and importance of our words also change as per the time and demand and we should understand that when our words are going in vain and we ourselves needs to be silenced.
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    That is true. What you tell should be required for the other person. Then they will give more value to your words and hear with more concentration. If there is no need for the other person and if he is not interested to hear also they may not give value to the words.
    Similarly, when a person is in power his words will have more value and people will hear with respect and fear. Once the same person is out of power, the same people may not consider his words as useful. These are the facts in our lives and we should accept the realities.
    Even our children will care for their parent's words when they are infants and when they are going to school. But as they grow bigger they think their knowledge is much better than their parents also and they may not care that much for the words of their parents.
    The thoughts and ideas of the people will differ and people will have more interest in hearing the people with whom their ideas and thoughts match.

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    To satiate our hunger, we need food and when we are not hungry we will not have anything. The same is applicable to words. You will make others cautious to make them alert especially if there is an impending danger. Otherwise, if you constantly say the same words again and again they will feel disturbed. Saying the right thing and at the right time is important otherwise, it will not have enough significance.

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    No one likes repetition. Everyone likes novelty. The whole gamut of fashion business and entertainment industry is depending on that basic premise. We cannot see the same movie twice but we can view thousands of movies made on the same theme. This is something very interesting thing in our lives that we want newer and changed things in our lives and the whole world is following that in various ways and the entertainment industry knows it well as how to present the old wine in new bottle to woo the customers. Likewise our teachings, preachings, and sermons would not attract same person every time until we bring new ideas in our talks. So I fully agree with the author in this regard.
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    When we are not able to keep the promise and abide by what we have said, there is no meaning for this life and others brand our character as cheater and no compliance person. Keeping the word is the great trait and in this regard there is a practice in a business community who would lend money for their members without interest and no paper work. They simply cover the empty earthen pot and name , money details written on the face of it and kept in the room of the lender. Now this is the question of prestige and word for the member who borrowed and has to keep the promise and pay the money before time. The pot is kept in the room and everyone visits the office would know who has defaulted and who has honored and since it is the community money the bad name would spread if defaulted and thus none would care them.
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    Generally people do not get impressed with our talks as they want some practical examples from us in any field and then only they will be convinced. So simply by preaching and giving talks no one will listen to us more than once. Nowadays so many spiritual and religious leaders come on many channels in TV or even in YouTube but how many time we are listening to them.
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    We should keep in mind one thing which is relevant in every age - that time changes everything. The author has written about someone whose teachings or good talks would be appreciated by some people but when these people became successful then the same teachings and good talks failed to impress them. This is the reality of our society. However, some people may still be found who hardly change themselves.
    I have observed this also about those children who would listen to their elders in family, clan or community now, having grown up they do not welcome suggestion of their elders. In some cases, it might be possible that these young generation people might have learnt more than their elderly people but good talks of elderly people can never go irrelevant.

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