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    Tractor rally has taken an ugly turn. Farmers defied police and turned violent

    Protesting farmers brought shame to India on Republic Day. They did not keep the word for a peaceful rally, and they have defied the police and resorted to violence by breaking barricades, attacking police vehicles and the police force. The situation is bad on the Delhi borders. It is suspected that some other forces are behind the farmers' tractor rally.

    Farmers should give up the protest and go back to their homes.
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    The rally couldn't go as defined. Some people from the protesting farmer's side deviated from the terms and conditions of the permission given to them and entered the city before the time. That is where the problem started. It is very common that there will be some unwanted forces will be there and try to take advantage in the guise of this agitation. Such people only will create such situations. I think this is very unexpected and even the agitating farmer's leaders also may not expect this. Now it is a problem for the police to bring the situation under control.
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    This was expected because hooligans are adamant and they have only one thing to attract attention and that is to resort to violence. If Govt fires on them then all the innocent and gullible people of our country would give sympathy to them and human rights people will blame the Govt and the ruling party may lose the next election. So, Govt may also see it from a distance and police will do some drama of controlling them and then these hooligans will do a lot of damage in Delhi and adjacent areas and when in the evening when they are tired they will go back to their houses and will say that they have won the war as if they have defeated the Chinese army at the borders. It is shameful but we are habitual of these things as they have happened in our country umpteen times. This is nothing new. When opposition is desperate these things happen.
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    This is an unfortunate thing that the agitation is taking an ugly turn. If they resort to violence then a basic doubt arises in our mind that who are these people. Are they really farmers or only a few of them are farmers and rest are anti-social elements. Are they being remotely controlled by some evil agencies. I think National Intelligence Agency (NIA) will soon find it and the culprits would be arrested.
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    Yogendra Yadav and Tiket and some other leaders have kept a distance from these violent incidents. Shameful incident happened when a young sikh climbed up the pole on Red Fort and unfurled a yellow colour flag. It is being said by a reporter that this flag belongs to Sikh community. They have also climbed upon rampart of Red Fort. It is a shameful day for our country. I think these elements should be arrested and get interrogated. Rakesh Tiket has asked his farmers to return Ghazipir Pur boarder.

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    The agitation went on peacefully all these 60 days. Unfortunately, it took a different turn today. Some of the protestors entered the Red Fort and hoisted their flag. Quite unfortunate that such a thing happened on "Republic Day". Some bad elements have entered and took advantage of this tractor rally. Hope better sense prevails on all sides.
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    Other than the tractor, men with shields and swords on horse back could be seen in the rally. A condition is that no weapon should be carried during the rally. How come these fighting sikhs have joined the rally with sticks and swords? It is a well planned move to create problem and blame the government. It cannot be a real farmers' rally but a rally of people in the disguise of farmers.
    Police should not hesitate to take charge of the situation effectively. All the farm union leaders should be arrested and booked.

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    The way they have chosen today as their march day proved that they want to create commotion and violence and they have succeeded. Time and again it was stressed in this forum that the real farmers would not waste this much time when the produce is ready at the farm. There is no need to prolong the dialogue as the govt was open at the first instance and the drag was made with ulterior motives and now they have succeeded. One thing is sure the law is very strict and they are watching the non farmers and action would be taken surely as the drone cameras were operated to catch the hooligans and police would certainly nab them. The way the entire episode was planned and directed by Congress party is surely to corner the Modi govt and that would not be succeeded to allow as the farmers lost the credibility.
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    Congress is damn happy with today's violence by the farmers. AAP condemns the violence. The guy RG should be arrested for openly supporting violence in our land.
    All the so-called protesting farmers were seen as goondas with a long danda in their hands walking past the roads of Delhi. Each and every protestor had a danda (Long stick) or sword in their hand. They used it to damage the police vehicles and the police. They were all in an attacking mood to reach the Redfort and hoist their yellow flag. Many police personnel got injured.

    Thus the farmers have lost the battle against the government. They will repent for their mistake of demanding a repeal of the farm law.

    The nation is against the protesting farmers. The adamant and stubborn farm union leaders are responsible for the violence. Government should not/will not repeal the farm bills.

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    Now the agitators are fully exposed that many of them are not farmers but they are hooligans and belong to separatist groups, terrorist groups, anti national element etc. So it has become clear that in the name of farmers some anti national elements wanted to achieve their selfish motives. The ruling party is well aware of this fact but they are also bound by certain bindings because if the police fires on these people and if some sikhs or muslims or hindus are killed the that community will be angry with the ruling party so Govt will wait till these agitators do more harm and when the whole country cries that kill these hooligans then only Govt will arrest them. This is the usual course of actions taken by Govt and let us not get surprised by this behaviour.
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    It is really an unfortunate incident that police personnels have been hurt badly and this was not at all expected. However, it is difficult to pinpoint the blames entirely to the farmer's community since the mob might have mixed combination containing some agitators belonging to anti social elements, terrorist groups and terrorist groups. Hence the exact combination of the mob is to be ascertained prior to blaming the Kisan Community.
    We should wait some more time to identify the groups involved in the escalation of unrest and violence. There might have some elements trying to defame the Kisan Community and some groups are trying to defame the entire Kissan Community.

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    And SC should also be blamed as it gave more deal to the so called farmers who are not the real farmers and thus the situation gone bad to worse. The way their lawyers plans are made known the other ay it was clear that the rally was aimed at getting the national attention as the farmers felt that they are not being cared and by organizing a parallel rally they would get the International media exposure and so indulged in hooliganism. What ever it is the so called farmers lost the people trust and that is not good for them.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The patience and tolerance practiced by the government should be appreciated. This violence is a victory to democracy. This rally has unmasked the protesting farmers and shown the real face and colour of the protesting farmers who may not be farmers, but anti-social elements. RGs support to the violent farmers is evident that he is one among the trouble creator. Let us not let loose the farmers to protest further. The government should handle the protestors with iron hand.
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    Official statement of AAP:
    "We strongly condemn the violence seen in today's protest. It is regrettable that the central government allowed the situation to deteriorate to such an extent. The movement has been peaceful for the last two months. Farmer leaders have said that those who indulged in violence today were not part of the movement and were external elements. Whoever they were, the violence has certainly weakened the movement which was going on so peacefully and in a disciplined manner,"
    - AAP has given clean chit to farmer unions.
    - and has blamed central government for allowing situation to deteriorate to such an extent.
    - External elements were responsible for this violence.

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    The turn of events yesterday is unfortunate. Some outside elements took advantage of the rally and purposefully created chaos. There must be some external hand in this incident. The police failed to spot and stop the infiltration by others. There should be a thorough and fair investigation into this incident. The agitating farmers stuck to the plan given by the police. Who are these infiltrators? On whose behalf they infiltrated and created trouble? This should be investigated.
    Minimum common sense is sufficient to understand that the agitators are farmers. The Supreme Court and the Government of India are dealing with them and in talks with them. If they are not farmers, why would these two engage with them? They are our own country people. They are farmers. Those who are shouting at the top of their voice calling them hooligans and all other expletives should come to their senses and try to understand the reality. This is a problem created partly by the Government. Had they consulted all the stakeholders and brought the laws, all this trouble for the past two months could have been avoided.

    I feel there is something wrong with all that happened yesterday. The agitation which went on peacefully for 60 days cannot take such a turn suddenly. There must be some plot behind this. The Delhi Police should investigate fairly and bring out the culprits.

    The Congress party itself in a very bad situation and unable to become cohesive. It is fighting with internal problems. There is no leader only a temporary President. It is ridiculous to say that it is behind this agitation. If it is in a position to organise such a protest in such hostile weather, it would have won the elections itself.

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    The images emanating in media and social media suggests that there are vested interests where intruded into the rally and created the commotion and violence. Though the opposition chose to distance itself from the behavior of so called farmers violently , none of them never warned before hand and this proved that opposition planned a onslaught on the govt and that is succeeded. The way they torched the vehicles , the damaged the buses and tried to run the tractor on the cops proves that larger plan was hatched to make the govt feel the heat. On the other hand the govt is making all efforts to expose the disintegrated farm union leaders who does not have the sway over the supporters and thus everyone is now passing the bug on the govt for its failure to nip the bud in the beginning itself. What ever it is worst has happened.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    It is the inefficiency and incapability of farm union leaders who could protest but could not organize a peaceful rally. And they do not have control over their own farmers mixed with infiltrators and anti-social elements. The farmers should not have thought about such a big unorganized tractor rally on the national festival day. Again it is their arrogant attitude above their adamant attitude. The farm unions have totally failed and created mayhem in Delhi. I am sure, the same external forces and the anti-social and anti-nationals are present in the borders too. The national intelligence agencies should trace the infiltrators with the help of real farmers.
    Farmers should now return home, and their union leaders should abide by the governments decision to suspend the law for 18 months, and continue dialogue with the government for a solution acceptable to the government and the farmers.

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    The inefficient, and inept handling by the Government of India brought the matters to this stage. The Supreme Court itself commented on this. There is no doubt that some external forces intent on spoiling the peaceful manner in which the agitation is going were responsible for the disturbing incidents that took place. Mr.Satnam Singh Pannu and members of his Kisan Mazdoor Sangharsh Committee, who were responsible for breaking the first barricade disclosed in an interview that they did not go the Red Fort side. He blamed the BJP for the Red Fort violence. The farmers are firm that they will continue their agitation and do not go back.
    According to a report in an online news portal, the Delhi Police put up barricades on the decided route which caused confusion and chaos. A fair and impartial investigation will throw light on who are the people that tried to sabotage the rally.

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    Mr KVRR,
    Don't blame the government. The elected MPs are not fools to pass the bills. MPs are the people's representative. Government cannot go to each and every farmer or the farmer's union to seek their opinion. Farmers issue was a long pending issue that was not cared by the other governments. Modi government took some years to study their problems and came up with a solution for the upliftment of the poor farmers. What had happened in Red Fort has been clearly seen from the videos. The police was attacked by the mob very badly. All those present in Red Fort were not the farmers but the anti-national force hoisting their union flag.

    Now government will go adamant with their farm laws, and no dialogue would be possible if they don't give up their protest on the borders.

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    @SuN: The person who hoisted Sikh Religious flag on Red Fort is Deep Sidhu. His photograph with a political party's top leader and an MP is being viralled on social media. It's being said that Deep Sidhu has shared this information on Facebook also. Another person Lakhvinder Singh aka Lakha is also blamed for this conspiracy along with their team.
    Why have they not been arrested so far?
    I think the government should take stringent actions against them who were indulged in creating violence and disorder in Delhi.

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    Friendship is different, and the ideology is different. Deep Sidhu as an actor must be in touch with Sunny Deol as an actor but not as a politician or his party. It appears that he is a thick-headed Sikh supporting the farmers against the government.
    So, don't come to the conclusion that this is a conspiracy with BJP leaders. I strongly feel that the farmers union will take action against the erred Sikh. They should lodge a complaint against him, and the police should file an FIR against the guy, arrest him, and put him behind the bars.

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    The Government is to be blamed squarely in the matter of the Farm Laws. The RTI query of one Ms. Anjali Bharadwaj had sought information on the process of consultation, if any, followed before the passage of the Farm Laws. According to a response given by the Agriculture Ministry, no record of consultations on the three farm laws before they were enacted is available with them. No debate was allowed in the Parliament. These laws were pushed through without any consultation with the stakeholders.
    The farmers have genuine doubts about the farm laws. The Government was unable to convince them. A person without any knowledge of the farm laws but blind faith in the Parliamentarians that passed these laws cannot understand their problems. Mr. Arafatuzaffar in his response stated who was clearly behind the Red Fort incident. Why that man is still free on the roads? Is there any conspiracy?
    How can it be said that the Government will go adamant with their farm laws and no dialogue would be possible? The Government and the farmers will decide on their course of action. We are mere spectators.

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    After their unsuccessful Tractor rally, the farmers have dropped their plans to march to parliament to protest, on the budget presentation day, First February. After the police filing FIRs against the senior farm union leaders who had a meeting with the police authorities and assured for a peaceful rally, certain farm unions have withdrawn their protest from the borders and returned home blaming the anti-national elements involvement in the tractor rally. I hope the others also will return home soon. Government is firm with farm laws, and ready for talks with farm union leaders, despite the violence.
    We should appreciate the Delhi Police for their maximum restraint despite extreme provocations by the farmers.

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    The cancellation of the rally to parliament is a good decision. There seems to be a conspiracy by some elements to bring a bad name to the farmer's agitation. Red Fort violence is one such act by those elements.
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    Even in the farmers group, there are many anti-social/anti-national elements present . All farmers are not good farmers and all farmers are not bad farmers. But when you mix the farmers, there would be black farmers. Out of the whole Indian farmers, we can now term the 6 percent protesting farmers as bad or black formers of India.
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    I watched a news clip of News24 in which Mahender Singh tiket, BKU President, literally cried before the camera. He asserted if the government does not repeal these laws he will commit suicide on the border instead of going back empty-handed. He said they have been warned by police to vacate this place .

    I have written in another thread that farmer union should accept the proposal of the government of suspension of laws for one and half year lest they should repent for committing this mistake.
    The situation is turning against farmers now.

    The government respected their feelings, this is why the government agreed to suspend these laws but they took the government for granted as weakness of the government. I think it's the biggest fault of the farmers unions. They need to introspect.

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    The Delhi Police Chief was very angry the way the so called farmers who assured him of peaceful march changed their coarse and rushed towards hoisting the flag and thus in the melee those police which prevented them were attacked
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    In fact, the farm union leaders took it easy thinking that they could conduct the big rally smoothly not knowing the length of the rally with tractors and personnel. It is not easy to conduct a rally with thousands of tractors lining up for many tens of kilometers. It was totally mismanagement of farm union leaders. There were many disobedient farmers who are not sincere and faithful to their own leaders. The unions have no cooperation and good communication. They totally lack in the organizing rallies.

    After the violence, many farm union leaders have withdrawn their protest and returned home. And they are ready to accept the government's offer and amendments to the farm laws.

    If Mr. Tikat is stubborn to continue his protest, and if he is willing to commit suicide if the farm laws are not repealed, let him go ahead with his decision. There won't be another Tikat to replace him.

    The government is asking the protestors to vacate the borders. Also, the villagers on the borders are not happy with the protestors, and they too request and insist the protestors leave the site.

    At this juncture, it would be prudent for the farmers to give up their protest, return home, and resume dialogue with the government, cooperate with the government to make suitable amendments to the farm laws.

    Farmers should now give up their adamant attitude as they failed and earned the wrath of the public of India.

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    As per social media news channels reports police and para military forces have been deployed in gazipur area near protest spot , buses have also arrived to take the farmers to their respective villages.
    It was expected last night that Tiket could be arrested but force did not go ahead. It was a fair opportunity for the government to drive farmers away but now situation is looking changing. Reason is that when farmers watched viral videos of their leader literally crying before media his followers left their villages and thousands of farmers reached gazipur last night and today large number of farmers are on the way. I think now it will not be easy for government to take Tiket in custody.
    Whatever scenario emerges, it's certain that BJP has lost its own vote bank in farmers who had been voting for BJP for several years.

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    The patience of Govt and police is praiseworthy that they did not offend the agitators because the agitators told that they will be doing peaceful procession. Because the agitators did not keep their words so the police personnels got injured. The agitators finally got exposed and now Govt will take legal action against them.
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    Doesn't matter. BJP is strong and won't lose its voters. There are many farmers who are BJP loyalists and kept themselves away from the protest. As it is, Punjab is a congress ruled state. The country is behind BJP, and only a few farmers are behind Congress. From now onwards, the police would act differently with the protesting farmers. They won't be let to sit on the borders and protest. Many farmers have realized that amendments to the farm laws is the solution to end the protest.

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    Govt will not repeal the law in toto and if the agitators also are adamant for getting it done then there will be a big bottleneck in solving this conflict. The worst part of this agitation is that some people have joined it for their evil plans and they have nothing to do with farmers. They are using it as a vehicle to get their hidden agenda. This thing, the real farmers in the crowd should understand and get a different leader for them and talk with the Govt separately and ignore the bad elements which are leading the movement. The gullible farmers are not understanding this and unnecessarily wasting their as well as the time of the country.
    Knowledge is power.

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    To post a final note, would it be fine if I say that it was a strategic attack by the BJP? After having failed on all fronts in dealing with the issue, I say that the BJP turned over to their usual strategy. Any comments?
    'To know what you know and what you do not know, that is true knowledge.'-Confucius

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    @SuN: You are advised to expand your sources of information. BJP got only 37.36% support of people in 2019.
    Will all these happenings erode BJP support in next elections, will come out in 2024 and 2022 in U.P. , and one who wins U.P. wins Delhi.
    One thing you keep in your mind that main voter of BJP resides in northern India. And farmers have hold in U.P. politics.
    Yesterday Maha Panchayat of farmers was held in Muzaffar Nagar.

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    You are utterly wrong with your final note. It was the Congress that created problem through their supporters to attack Red fort and hoist a flag.
    The real farmers are the supporters of the BJP. Only the instigated farmers who are mainly middlemen who are the supporters of Congress may not vote for BJP. We can wait and watch what happens in next election to the parliament. No worry, BJP will go for its third term. BJP is gaining support in the southern states.

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    This is really sad to see that current bjp government is making decisions to the favor some industrialists. They already made very bad decision like GST, demonetization etc and they passed farmers law behind the doors.
    Everyone knows that this government made nothing and destroying all major nationalized companies and selling them.

    Innocent farmer was not able to understand that everything done by some people and so that they can suppress farmer.

    I Agree with mr Rahul Gandhi that this farmer agitation will soon increase tp massess like student etc.

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    How can a plough usable farmer would take to swords and attack the police who are on duty at the Singhur border. The photos shared in news media and the social media suggests that there has been larger conspiracy to bring bad name to the Modi govt as hooligans enters in the guise of farmers and started the law and problem and now attacking the police on duty. The situation at the border is very tense and the opposition parties are not condemning or decrying the attack. The SC must cancel the committee thus set up as the farmers failed to reign on the supporters from bad actions.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Why the farmers are behind the farm laws. Government has given an option for them to go to Mandi agents or the Corporates, whomever they feel better. They have the liberty to sell their products within the state or outside the state. If the farm laws are beneficial, go by it, otherwise ignore it . What is the problem? Where is the problem?

    It is the opposition leaders who insist the farmers to press on the repeal of the farm laws and continue their protest. The misguiding political leaders, especially the Congress party should be booked and jailed for creating national unrest.

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    Sun: What is the meaning of law? Do you not understand this simple thing that violating any law (which is passed by parliament) is a crime? Who can dare to violate any Law ?
    How easily you have said that it depends on farmers " If the farm laws are beneficial, go by it, otherwise ignore it". These are not suggestions of the government BUT Laws and All of us are abide by laws.
    These Laws are good for farmers or bad, is another question.

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    @Rahul: Thanks for you input. Do you know who prepared roadmap for these bills ? It was Congress Party. But when Congress was planning to bring similar bills in parliament then BJP raised objections against Congress. Now when bills have been passed by Parliament then Congress is raising objections against these bills.

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    Agriculture is a state subject and the states are much concerned with their own agri products. In this case, the centre intervened to help the farmers. Central government also a customer to buy and distribute agri products to the states for free or for subsidy.

    Since the newly framed farm laws doesn't talk about Mandi, it is still open for the farmers. Mandi agents would continue to exist but their business would go down due to contract farming, and the liberty to sell the products outside the states. The law is flexible also. No farmer would be charged or arrested if he sells his products to the person he wants. The farm laws gives ample freedom to farmers to get benefitted.

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    Can anyone explain and elaborate as to how the new farm laws affect the farmers? Put it point by point.
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    Sun, I don't think any explanation would help. If after discussing the issue in such length and breadth in different threads, you could not still understand the basic problem, what else to say? Adieu!

    Mohan at #721980, it does not require too much of intelligence to realize who created all the trouble.

    'To know what you know and what you do not know, that is true knowledge.'-Confucius

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    Despite the lengthy discussion, no one could pinpoint and say the exact problem with the farm laws that is not acceptable to farmers. We were talking only two things, one about MSP and the other Repeal of the three farm laws. Nothing else. What is inside the bill, how it affects the farmers is not deliberated. When I raised a separate thread on MSP, you deleted it. There was no room to discuss MSP at length.

    Why can't our dear ISCians supporting the farm laws come up with their responses to my response #722014. The Prime Minister has indicated that he is ready for talks with the farm union leaders, keeping the farm laws suspended for 18 months.
    What would be the points for discussion from the farmers' side?
    If they have only one agenda point 'Repeal of the three farm laws', then there is no need for a meeting to discuss this adamant single point. Farmers should be flexible and should cooperate to have a discussion to find the solution. They should list out their various points affecting their life by implementing the new farm laws.

    According to my understanding, the farmers won't be affected by the farm laws, but the traders(Mandi agents/middlemen/commission agents) who buy and sell the farm products.

    Increasing the farmers' strength in borders won't help the farmers.

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    Another mistake. The farm union leader Rakesh Tiket has decided for a hunger strike despite the assurance by Prime Minister that he is ready to hold talks with farm union leaders. Is it not too much for the farmers? Once again they are misguided and misled. I am sure, the government won't yield to the farmers' pressure.

    Firstly, all the farmers should give up their protest and return home. And dialogue should be resumed. PM said that he is ready for discussion and is just a phone call away. Farmers should respect and honour his words than going for a hunger strike which may not yield any positive result but would create further problems.

    What is wrong with the farmers when the farm laws don't affect them at all. Look at this.
    1. The first law is that the farmer will not be forced to sell only in APMC markets, he can sell anywhere and whoever he wants. The farmers who do not like this freedom can decide that we will go to APMC market and sell our crop to the same Aadhati which we have been selling before.
    2. The second law is that farmers will be able to compromise with a buyer in advance when planting their crops at what price the buyer will buy.
    3. The third law is that one can collect as much agricultural produce as he wants, there will be no limit. By the way, this thing is not applicable to any farmer, it is for traders. But the farmer who is getting this law wrong should decide the limit of keeping the crop in his barn himself.

    I think, all three laws favour the farmers and affect only the traders. Why protest...? Why tractor Rally..? Why a hunger strike...? Can't the farmers be explained and guided as to what are the farm laws?

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    By indulging in violence the name and fame of agitating farmers gone for a beating and rejig has to be done for a future negotiation with the govt otherwise the whole exercise would waste.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    [Response removed by Admin. Read forum policies.]
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    Let us discuss.
    I have given all the three farm laws in a nutshell which will help to uplift the poor farmers. The affected would be only the traders.
    Why the farmers are not understanding the laws and are hesitant to accept these laws?

    Can anyone bring out the flaws in the new farm laws?

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