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    Is Gig economy a better way to reduce unemployment?

    Hi, Gig economy may refer to where independent people get short term contracts from clients to perform their job. Nowadays there is rise in on demand companies like Fiverr, swiggy and online freelancing etc. People perform their gig and being paid for that. Gig economy is not like traditional 5-9 hours job. Although Gig economy is thriving in India where many people are earning money. But Gig economy workers are not like employees who get the benefits according to the employee laws in India. Surely it is good way to earn income and somehow reduced unemployment problem also. These people are not considered as a legal employees of company. They have to manage all tax related procedure. There is more stress on finding next Gig also. What are your point of view on this Gig economy culture.
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    Nice post from the author. Like many formats in cricket like test cricket, one day international and T 20 , the companies are coming up with new ideas and part time and piece time jobs thereby giving more support to the unemployed youth. And those who are engaged in food supplies they are now paid more thanks to the lock down woes and they are paid more salaries now One thing sure the unemployment has forced many the just jobs and not to demand the right jobs thereby many are getting lesser pay and more work for the while.
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    Yes I agreed @K Mohan that unemployment forced many to work for money regardless of choice of right job. In this situation getting gig to perform task and get paid is very helpful.

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    Due to online developments and digital facilities these things have automatically climbed up to top as an employment option but there is a lot of crowd there and the remuneration is less so they have not been well accepted by the unemployed youth though potential is there to carry out micro tasks and claim ones remuneration. There are thousands of such companies floating in the internet but when one visits them then the realisation comes that it was not a very viable option for earning on a sustained basis. Yes, it could be a good part time earning generator for housewives or old people but not the young ones.
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    The author has raised a good issue about Gig economy which imparts employment for youth, however, it is not a permanent job, rather business organizations hire jobless people for a limited period of time.
    Gig economy is trending in recent years all over the world , especially, in west. Companies are offering short them jobs for jobelss people. These opportunities are more suitable to freelancers who don't want to get hooked at a particular place. They are hired for specific project.It gives the opportunity for the best competitive youth for earning good amount. Companies can also select the best individuals.
    It does not force hired people to join routine and conventional office going jobs. Digitalisation has brought a revolution in business industry. These hired candidates can work from home too. This Gig economy alleviate financial burden to companies also as they don't need to employ permanent employees and getting them dragged for ages. When they need employees, they may avail their services for getting their project done. Also these professionals being well versed in their respective fields get handsome remuneration too.

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    The gig economy is going to play an important role in the coming days. The main reason for this is the unemployment problem. Many people are not able to find a job and they want some income to live on. Such people will accept this type of employment also. The payment will be the basis of the work. They will give work as a contract for you. Once you complete the job, you r obligation will be over and they will pay the money as accepted. There is no employer and employee relation here. This will reduce the burden to the employer also. But the employee will have a lot of uncertainty. He doesn't know whether he will get another work or not.
    This is something similar to piece rated works. How many pieces you have made? That will be counted and the amount to be paid will be calculated based on your number of units completed multiplied by the rate per unit. All these are to reduce the burden on the industry. But the person who is working under this gig economy may not have any other benefits generally an employee of the company gets.

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