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    The confidence level alone saved many from the Covid

    We know that not all of us are affected by the virus though we have seen many who are known to us have been affected and recovered also. What I am trying to say that the confidence level of some of us are so high as we had the greatest guts and courage to face come what may the situation and that determination made us more strong and we kept on conquering over the Covid and our vaccination would declare our war win against the Covid. Kudos to all those who are with the time and with their gusto which proved to be handy.
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    Hi, Yes during this pandemic situation people showed their guts and patience level to defeat the covid 19. People followed lockdown rules and also raised their hands to help the needy without fearing from this pandemic virus. Now we have reached a point where vaccine is going to destroy the coronavirus.

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    We braved against all odds and for us nothing is more challenging than covid now.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    It is really great that we have successfully faced coronavirus. We tolerated all bad patch during longdown, It was a problematic period for all of us worldwide. Government helped poor people by giving them Rs 500/- as well as free ration also. Even poor people could survive this difficult phase of life. We would not like to experience this period again. Now vaccine has also been introduced in the market. Probably, will be available for all free of cost.
    This pandemic has changed life of common people also. However, big and well off people are not seriously affected by lockdown at all. They economy graph did not fall down.
    Now, it is said another surge of coronavirus is at threshold but I hope that we will defeat it too.

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    The Indians in general have higher immunity than the others. This is proved by this pandemic. The precautions that are taken and the inherent immunity we might have had helped us to combat the menace of the virus to a large extent. We should not be overconfident. We have to follow all the measures advised by the Government. In the initial phase, the people were very careful and followed the instructions. Of late, I find people becoming overconfident and negligent. There is still three to four months time to get the vaccine for the public. Even after getting the vaccine also, the Government is advising the use of masks and social distancing. Let us not be overconfident and be careful because this is a dangerous virus.
    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    True. Many people who have a lot of fear for COVID 19 suffered a lot mentally even though they are not tested positive. That made them weak and they suffered some health problems due to that fear. But people who are confident of their health and who never worried with a doubt that they may also suffer from COVID have never had any problem. Many of them can face the situation bravely. Eventhough they are confident they never gave up taking the precautions that are required to be taken and they are safe.
    But some people who are overconfident and not followed the precautions suffered from the problem. I feel India faced the situation successfully. The reason may be the immunity levels of the people are on the higher side. At the same time, the population density is high and that has given the advantage of herd immunity also. Also, the timely actions were taken by both the state and central governments aight have helped in this.

    always confident

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