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    How does make out whether such calls are fake or not?

    A few days ago, I had transferred one lakh from my SBI savings account held at the place where I live, that is, Sholinghur, but got a call from the SBI, Jaipur, wanting to know if it was me who had done the transaction.

    It had the usual 91 number but when I wanted to call back, it did not go through. The caller merely wanted to know if I had the transaction. Immediately, I got so angry and shouted at the person, saying why the hell he should bother from the Jaipur unit of SBI. I merely asked him why he asked that question in the first place. The guy on that side merely said it was a call for caution and also told me not to mention my customer id or password or anything to anyone.

    Was it an over-zealous official doing his job? Was it someone who had every piece of information about my SB account, including my mobile number, wanting to cheat me?

    The money reached the other bank and I warned the other bank officials as well. They were kind enough and took all details. The question is: why should one from Jaipur ask me this question? Or does the SBI have such facilities?
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    Generally, no one from the bank calls over the phone and ask such questions to confirm. Only we receive SMS that such and such thing has been done, like 'You have logged in to your account. If suspicious report.' Rs......... has been debited/credited from your account' etc.
    It is better not to respond to such calls.

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    We receive SMS from the bank when we do such transactions. In that SMS there will be a number whom we can contact in case the transaction is not carried out by the person to whom the account belongs. But when the transacted amount is high, we may receive a call. Once I gave a check to Rs,3.00.000/- for a person. When he has taken that cheque to the bank even though it is an account payee cheque, I received a call from the bank to know whether I gave that cheque. All depends on the policy of the bank. But we should not give any details like account number, OTP etc. to the persons who call like that.
    Some times we may receive fake calls and they ask for many details. We should be very careful and should not tell the details unless otherwise, we confirm that the call is genuine.

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    Now a days e transactions fraud are deducted and high end transactions are verified by the bankers. Some times we are not getting the messages which ought to get and thus bank officials do make calls to confirm. May be the addressee bank wants to confirm. It is the fact that we are living amidst e frauds and it is our duty to attend every and call and should not take it light. SBI transactions have lots of loopholes and a mere payment through a gate way is not getting credited and vice versa. So better to have good relations with the bank branch and have personal contact for any fraud transactions detected.
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    The Reserve Bank of India is implementing the " Positive Pay" system from 01-01-2021. This is to enhance the security of cheque transactions over Rs 50,000/. Under this system, the details of the cheque need to be confirmed before it is cleared. Further details can be viewed on the internet.
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    I have seen the Airtel ad today which states that we get the confirmation payment before effecting any payment and that is good to avoid frauds happening daily.
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    It is Okay to have a personal check over the phone for any bank transaction through Cheques. But not for online transaction which is secure with OTP confirmation.
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    Any bank usually will not call the customer to confirm that you have initiated the transaction. Moreover, merely calling someone and just asking if you have any initiated it does not give you 100 percent confirmation because anyone can say yes or no. All verifications are done online only. It is suspicious that you got a call from Jaipur whereas your transacting bank branch is somewhere else. I would suggest you do the following, change all your passwords related to your SBI banking like ATM card pin, online login password, transaction password, etc., And never reveal your online details to any caller even if it's not sensitive information. As a practice, it is good to change the password once in 3 months. Make the password as complex as possible. Include upper case, lower case, special characters.

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