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    It is not necessary to be involved in every race.

    Nowadays there is a trend that a person is engaged in making himself better in every way and he wants his name and identity in every field everywhere. I have seen some people that when you praise a particular work of another person in front of them, then such people start proving themselves better for that work. Why is there so much trouble for a person to accept that, in some works, we are better and in some works, others are better than us?

    We all have some ability and quality and based on that, we make our goal and continue in the same race. It is never necessary that we become a part of every race in every sphere of life, you will get tired if you run always, and maybe you will end up all your energy and ability by running. At times, we also need to enjoy the race of others as spectators.
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    It is quite a common thing. It may be due to healthy competition or jealousy. There is nothing wrong in accepting any other person's abilities in a particular field in which someone has a good hand. However, some people are obsessive about themelves and their families. If you praise that your son is expert in this field the person who do you tell this will begin to refute by narrating his own son's abilities in the same field and he will keep on speaking on this topic for hours unstopped. If they are objected or questioned in any way they will mind it and some people may get exasperated too.
    I think this is a common mindset of people. They don't want to accept the good qualities or achievements of other people. Perhaps they see them as their rivals.

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    Different people have different capacities as per their stamina and abilities and accordingly they take part in the various activities. This world is full of different people some of whom are very active and tackling hundreds of things at the same time while some are so lazy and dull that even doing a single job is difficult for them and they simply yearn for rest and rest throughout their lives. I have met some people who say that they are feeling so bored that day but if you suggest them to do some work then they would say that they are not in a mood to do anything. In fact they are never in a mood to do anything.
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    People are more ambitious and more greedy. They want to be the leaders in all the areas. But it is not possible to be the leader in all the areas. Everybody will have his own skillsets. So one should know his strong points and weak points. They can try to attempt difficult issues in their strong areas. They should try to improve themselves and should try to overcome their weaknesses.
    There is nothing wrong with having a desire to excel. But we should not be over-ambitious. Concentrate in one area and try to be master in that area rather than entering into all fields. We need not compete in all the areas. We can be selective and we can work hard in the areas what we have selected and compete in those areas. Then only we can make people feel our presence in those selected fields.

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    Everyone cannot be so active and smart as to take up everything in his lap. It is beyond the human capacity and capability. People have to choose their area of interest and then proceed ahead in that with full vigour. No doubt some very intelligent people are there who can take up multiple things also but such people are rare. We should not unnecessarily poke our nose everywhere and simply focus in our work.
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