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    Increased debt and pressure due to traditional methods of marriage.

    Marriage is an important celebration in our society and it should be as it forms the foundation of a new relationship between two people and two families. But a trend in our society is seen that parents are very concerned about expenses of their children's weddings, especially the father of the middle-class family.

    Savings for the expenses of weddings start in the middle-class family perhaps with the birth of a child. Whether it is a boy or a girl, both parents are worried about the cost of marriage. In the case of girls, this concern is relatively more, and a girl's father takes a loan along with saving for it. Along with the management of money, there has always been pressure to keep relatives happy.

    If the expenses of the wedding are spent on the education of the children, then perhaps the future of the children, as well as their family and country, will be bright. But even then it is not so easy because we are a part of this society where showing off in marriage ceremony has also become an important part.

    Don't you think that some changes are needed in this traditional way so that marriage can become only a happy family occasion and parents can enjoy it without any worry? Please share your opinions.
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    This is a common issue in every society. I think it's evil in our social system which should be exterminated but it's not easy. These are traditions and these traditions are not discarded by general masses. They keep on bearing it and pass it unto the next generation and surprisingly, it is increasing day by day. You can see people speaking against it but in reality, they are involved in the evil practices. Problems start with ShowOff social tradition. A rich person wants to show all his relatives and friends how much rich he is who spent so much money on any function. In this situation what a poor person or a person who does not have a good source of income should do. He takes debt from a money lender or sells saved jewellery or assets to bear expenses of functions.
    During lockdown everything was normal. No pretentious function, no large gathering, no huge experience. It was great to see a commonality in all societies and communities. Could it not be continued after lockdown too?

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    There are many occasions in our lives when we spend money on the functions like celebrating child birth, marriage, and other such important functions. Logically speaking spending on these things is just a wastage of money. But many people think otherwise. They say that we earn money to enjoy our lives and if we do not celebrate the functions then what is the charm of the life. We simply take birth and one day die without celebrating. So, people have different ideas about spending money. One of my relative who is well off is preparing for the marriage of his son for last 5-6 years and buying jewellery and other things to lessen the work burden at that time. Seeing his keen interest in the activity, it is really difficult to think that there will be a day when we will get rid of these indulgences. It is surprising that some people enjoy these spendings specially the rich ones and the irony is that the middle and poor class simply copy and mimic them and fall in the trap of debt and things like that.
    Knowledge is power.

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    It is a fact that a lot of money is being spent on marriages in our country. Some people spend money by taking loans and they suffer a lot as they are not able to repay those loans. Thanks to COVID 19. Such waste expenditure has come down. Marriages were performed without any unwanted expenses. But again the old ways are coming back and we are seeing big celebrations.
    It is a common feeling that the marriage should be performed with a very high show off. This is a bad feeling. We should understand how much money we can spend. We should not borrow money from somebody as we may not be able to pay even the interest for those loans.
    Plan your expenses based on your income and see that in case of some problem in earnings also you will not feel the difficulty for some months.

    always confident

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    Many families are hard pressed due to this tradition. Whether they have money or not they will try to celebrate the function in a good way by calling all the relatives and friends to the function. So, it becomes a financial burden on them. We have to get rid of this evil from the society. Rich people are free to spend or not spend as they have surplus funds with them but spending by the other people for it is not in a good taste. The parents of children are unnecessarily pressed under these responsibilities and waste their hard earned money in these functions.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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