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    Dependency on the television while having food.

    It is a very common habit which is probably found in a member of everyone's family. Many people like to watch TV while eating food, some people play the news and listen while eating. By the way, it should not be done to watch TV or mobile while eating, but still, if a person does it sometimes then it is ok, but when it becomes a habit, it is harmful.

    Sometimes some children insist so much on their parents watching TV, that they are not ready to eat without TV. Not only the children but I have also seen an older person in my relation who once had to watch TV while having food and at the same time he got very angry due to not getting the remote, after that everyone in his house started looking for the remote and when the remote was found, then only he ate food.

    Such dependence on anything is completely wrong which disrupts your daily routine and so much dependence on television proves harmful in every way.
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    True. Many persons are having the habit of watching a TV or a smartphone while eating. My granddaughter who is 3 years old takes food without any problem if we take her to watch TV or some rhymes on youtube. Not only children but also grown-up persons will also have this habit. Some people go on watching the smartphone while eating. They never concentrate on what they are eating. They never relish the food. Just they are eating so that their hunger will be taken care of.
    But if you really want to enjoy your food and relish, you should not go for such activities while you are eating. When your concentration is in your eating, you will know the taste of the food and you will enjoy that food. That will be good for your health also. When you eat the food without concentrating on the food you don't have good health also and you may face digestion problems as you eat the food without chewing it properly. one should eat the food with proper precautions.

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    My elders used to say that while eating there should not be any disturbance or distractions and the eating should be full and perfect. It is said that once the eating process started it should not take break nor we should be wanting to have further food. Invariably we end at either eating more or less when our concentration is on something else. Moreover the attention is on tv and not the food and therefore we are not enjoying the food to the hilt. That means the food digestion would not take place as the munching and interval after each food is also more and therefore it is bad practice to watch tv while eating.
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    Anything of addictive nature in our lives is to be avoided. Addiction is the root cause of worry and perils in our lives. Depending on something for doing some other thing which is independent in nature is a big nuisance and we must eradicate this linkage from our lives as soon as possible. Seeing TV is an entertaining thing but while eating we have to consider and focus towards the eating process. It is said that if we do not eat with concentration the mind does not record it and some specific hormones are not secreted in sufficient quantities. It has some link with proper and adequate digestion also. Our mind and body has got a great resonance in between them and we should not delink them with each other by falling in the trap of bad habits and addictions.
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    Many times children create problems in eating and parents allow them to sit in front of TV and they slowly eat the food so this is one way to somehow make them eat otherwise they create a lot of resistance sometimes for eating. So they will eat absent minded and parents would be happy. But making it a regular practice does not look a correct thing as children will become addicted to it.
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    We have many bad habits which is deep rooted and it is difficult to eliminate these habits including the glueing over TV. This cannot be given up during our lunch and dinner time since we are badly addicted to our bad habits. If TV is not available, we would like to have indulgence with the smartphones to enjoy both the activities lunch and glueing over smartphone or any other gadgets.
    The children in the families are also hooked to TV insisting on seeing their popular channels and would not eat unless they are being allowed for the same. This culture is the result of their copying their elders having the same addiction. Hence the elders in the families should mend their ways so as to offer the children healthy culture.

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    Nowadays this has become a common habit for children to watch mobile while having milk but I have never heard about old people who can not have food without watching TV. I assume it is simply crazy about them. Old people are supposed to be more matured people because they have seen the world, have great experience of all type of situations, interaction with people of different classes, levels, habits, manners. Anyways, I don't think anybody in the family can teach them.

    A habit which becomes addiction becomes harmful for people. Addiction is something that one can't live without it. In its absence, one feels squirming. Addiction is like slavery where one has no control over oneself. One need it in any situation.

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