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    Along with studies, students should also be given light household work?

    Hi, Along with studies, students should also be given light household work? There are many students who are good in studies but very weak in terms of responsibility. Such children do well in studies but feel backward in the matter of society. Some parents teach their children housework along with studies like washing their own clothes, polishing their own shoes and preparing food for themselves. Due to which not only the student does well in studies but is also able to become self-sufficient or self-reliant. This leads to all-round development of the child. What do you think giving house chores is beneficial to students?
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    This is an excellent thread and though we have discussed this issue earlier also but it is an issue which requires awareness and deserves some serious discussion. I strongly feel that the students should be given some household work, may be bare minimum, just to make them aware about the dignity of labour and understanding the reality of this world. If we give them everything served on a plate, they would become too demanding. I have seen many cases where the children were utter failure in their life as they were not exposed to the basic concepts of a household management. We must inculcate in them a feeling that it is something important and not a menial work.
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    True. Young people should be taught some responsibility. Earlier days in some families school going children especially girls used to help their mothers in household work after coming from school. Some boys used to help their fathers in their farming lands. They used to do good in studies also and at the same time, they used to learn working skills also. But recently that habit is not there in the present-day generation. Then never share responsibility from their elders. Parents also hesitate to tell works to their children. Hence they are becoming lazy and not able to take up some useful works. The advice given by the author is very apt and one should follow this. That will make them skilful and they understand the difficulties in the works their parents are doing. That will make them understand the importance of learning household works.
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    Generally, parents don't ask their children to do some responsibility as the author has suggested, especially, the mother can't see her child washing his clothes etc in her presence. However, I have seen some boys working in their home if they have no sister and all brothers as issues to their parents. They help their mother in household chores and it's good to work in this situation.
    My parents never asked me to wash my clothes or do other works related to me, however, I, sometimes, would take my onus myself but it was not a normal activity. But when the time changed I had to do all household chores, my mother passed away, sisters married, then I had to perform all household chores sometime. And this experience helped me a lot when I had to move from home for my first job. The I was staying alone in the company's apartment I preferred to start cooking myself instead of having food in the hotel. It was an amazing experience. I used to do some experiment, Have you ever heard a dish of rice and spinach? Once I cooked.

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    @Arafatuzzafar I never heard a dish of rice and spinach but this must be great experience for you.

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    In our child age our parents have not given any small work to us and they asked us to do this and that only when we enter into high school that too after reaching tenth standard, But when we have sisters in our house our parents gave small small household works to them. But for this, we have not made ourselves without any knowledge of household work as we all know even to cook for more than ten persons. In some houses I have seen many parents drilling their children by giving over work.

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    Students should be given small house chores only. Studied shows such student live healthy and happy life. Yes students should not be burden with huge tasks but small one keep them more responsible person in life.

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    My appreciation to the author for bringing this post for discussion which emphasis that students should also be habituated to house hold works and it is the must practice. Some people are born and brought up without known anything about the kitchen activities and when the time comes for them to cook and have own preparations they feel ignorant and no knowledge. One of my relative who was suddenly transferred to a remote area bank and not know the cooking at all has to struggle a lot and depend on each bank staff who brought food for him daily and thus that would be awkward position.
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    Very good thread raised by the author. Many people in our society don't know how to do household work as they never tried for house work. I also have same feeling for myself. My mother never told me to do house work. As a result of it, even today I am unsuccessful in house management skill. I strongly recommend that student should be habituated for little house hold work. As house related work make feel responsibility and develop our personality. I have noticed that many students are found fail in practical life despite being good in studies.

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