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    Own up the failures in life

    Many a time, we win and lose in life. The number of times we are successful yields our happiness and joy. But, the number of times we fail yields us frustration and tragedy. I have observed that people spend much less time rejoicing compared to an ample amount of time spend lamenting over spilled milk. This is the time of realization of the ultimate truth of life. We cannot spend regretting over the past work no matter good or bad. We have to own our failures, the same way we own up our success. There's nothing to be embarrassed if we acknowledge ourselves as failures. People are failures, broke, sad, depressed, frustrated, angry, and various other emotional challenges are faced to reach the destination. Many people end up their lives because in their perspective there's no hope to breathe. But, this is a wrong decision. Anything wrong done is irreversible but we have a choice to acknowledge it and move on. This is how things work and the same principle is applied to humans.
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    Getting depressed too much with the failures is no way useful. Whatever to happen has happened. We have to accept the truth and understand and our weaknesses and try to improve in those areas and go on. Many people always spend time enjoying their success for long times and forget to work hard for further success. That will make them lose sometimes. The facts should be understood. All are in the game. Don't stop playing. Learn the skills and improve and go on playing. That should be the way of our life.
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    Most of the people take credit for their success and tell about it elaborately in their friend circle or social groups. They will cite their intelligence and hard work in achieving that and will talk very confidently. But the same people, when defeated in some work or interview or selection, start blaming their bad luck or destiny or tell that God is angry with them and all forces are against them and that is the reason of their failure. They will never accept that it was their deficiency due to which they were not selected in that particular selection process leading to rise in career.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Life is the combination of both failure and success and considering that you should not repent for long times for your failures and so would be the case for your success where you should limit your rejoice. However, we have seen many people repenting unnecessarily for the long duration for a trifle mistake and even have no time for serious thinking for the future assignments. In our practical lives, we need to adopt a realistic attitude restricting our over emotions so that we have abundant success rate in our assignments.

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    Thinking too much about what went wrong is of no use rather one must see what can be the best way to sort out the problem and how the issues may get fixed. Everything has to figure out intelligently. Merely thinking about any failure or causes of failure increases tension which entails depression too. Instead, one should see to come out of this situation and rearrange all the roadmap for another try to succeed. Success does not come by anxieties or overthinking rather, it comes with positive thinking and consistency devoid of any negativity.
    Sometimes, overthinking may lead to frustration also which may divert the mind of someone from use of reasoning power and one may take the last step of committing suicide too.

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