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    Why rich people are poorer by thoughts and poor are rich by their service

    When a rich person gets sick he expects whole lots of people to look after him until he recovers fully and the way they behave with those helped in the process are ignored and their thoughts are also poorer and defeating. Whereas a poor person has larger than life heart and reaches out to the needy in his own way either through helping with paltry money or giving time which is more important until recovery. Surely those who gives time to a sick person are considered great and they are highly regarded in the society.
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    When money comes it brings arrogance also. A rich person may be arrogant. It's impossible. If somebody claims that despite having wealth he is not arrogant, he lying. Actually, arrogance comes in two shapes, one is open and second is hidden.
    One superstar of Hindi film industry is regarded as a very humble person but in reality, he is a hidden arrogant man. Several other actors who were/are equally senior like him were sacked from the industry at his behest, k e such said in an interview that he was sacked because he didn't call him"Sir".

    What the author has said is absolutely correct view. Rich people have no respect for poor people whereas a poor person comes with an open heart to help others if he is in this position to help others. If someone helps him when he is needed he does not forget his help and he always remains thankful to that person whoever helped him.

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    There may be some very rich people who may behave the way the author mentioned. But all rich people will never behave so proudly. I know a rich person who is very humble and used to respect other persons irrespective of their financial status. He used to eat daily only after donating food to at least one person. He used to express his respects and thanks to the people who help him. So there are very good people in rich people also who never behave with arrogance.
    At sometimes I have seen some poor people who behave very arrogantly with others. They may behave very nicely when they need some help from others. But once their work is over they may not be good with the other people.
    More than the financial status, the mentality of the people will have a lot of impact on their behaviour. Percentage of proud people may be more in rich and less in poor.

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    Different people have different behaviour with the fellow beings. It is not the question of rich or poor only. It is also true that some rich persons are very arrogant and behave roughly with the poor or other persons. They feel themselves at a higher step in life as they have money power to mange everything. I have seen some rich people as behaving gently with others contrary to general belief.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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