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    How much water do you drink during the day so that you remain hydrated throughout the day?

    Hi, How much water do you drink during the day so that you remain hydrated throughout the day? Water is very important to keep the body alive. Every part of body needs water for its survival and growth. If we drink the right amount of water during the day, many diseases are eliminated automatically. Proper supply of water in the body is very important. Water has medicinal value. It regulates proper blood supply to the different parts of body. Water works as a lubricant for joints and cleanse our body. It keeps body fresh and healthy. These are few benefits of drinking proper water daily. I used to drink nearly 3 to 4L water on daily basis. Sometimes we forget to drink water because of hectic schedule but this should not be ignored. Always keep a water bottle with you which will always remind you to drink water.
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    I love to drink more water during the day and it may roughly 4 to 5 bottles and that keeps me hydrated all through the day. For the diabetic patients drinking water is must as the tongue going dry is for sure and especially in summer the water drinking would be further more. But I do not like the mineral water because the taste is not there and we have the Krishna and Manjeera tap drinking water supply that tastes good and we are habituated to that taste. And those who are postponing their urge to drink water were actually earning the ill health for future and that can have other side effects too.
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    Medical people advise us for taking at least 2-3 litres of water per day. More is merrier. Water is said to be the wonder liquid which removes all the toxins in our body in a natural way. It is used in our body everywhere and if our water intake is less then various types of ailments can start to take up their shape in our body. Many people take 2-3 glasses of water first thing in the morning and it is believed that it cleanses the stomach system. So, people are benefited by the use of water in these ways. I also take a lot of water during the day and it gives an indirect energy to us.
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    Water is very important for health and therefore we should drink more and more water during the day. My total water throughout the day is 8 to 10 glasses, but on a summer day or during a workout, this amount becomes more. Earlier I had a habit of drinking water, due to which I also had some problems, then I included my habit of drinking water and after getting up in the morning I made a habit of drinking water, initially, I was not taking water as much as now, but now it is a habit I have to drink water after waking up in the morning. But I do not drink water after having my lunch or dinner.

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    It is a good reminder from the author. We should take water necessarily, it the essential part of our body. Almost in all months, sufficient water is taken but in these months of the winter season, normally, people don't take much water. And I am one of them. It is too cold for a few days. It's fogging every morning till afternoon. I don't feel thirst but without any thirst?
    I think taking water in winter also as we take in summer can't be equal.

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    Water is essential for us to keep healthy. One should take as much water as possible. More intake of water may reduce the burden on the kidneys. They continue functioning properly. Some people never take water. The quantum of water required for an individual depends on the place of living and his eating habits. Generally, a person may need about 2.5 to 3 Liters of water a day. We should see that we will take that much water every day.
    I drink a minimum of 3 litres of water a day.
    Water requirement may be more in summer and when the temperatures are high. Ladies who are pregnant and who are feeding the children should take a higher quantity of water. Wes should see that one will not get dehydrated which will reduce the strength of the body.

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    Water is very important for our health and it is necessary to consume a good amount of water daily. Normally people take water whenever they feel thirsty but it is important to note that even if the thirst is not there then also we have to take the minimum quantity of the water as it is required for various processes in our body. It is advised that in the morning the first thing that we have to do is to take at least 3-4 glasses of water. Apart from that we have to take sufficient water after the main meals and even after the smaller meals. I generally take 2 glasses of water in the morning itself.
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    Water is an indescribable item for all the living creatures and with the proper consumption of around 2 to 3 litres per day helps the body to flush out toxins easily. However, there is a way how we should take the same. Whenever, we get up in the morning, we should take at least three glasses of warm water preferably adding some lime juice in it. Once it goes inside the system, it would accelerate the removal of the toxins easily.
    If we could eliminate taking water immediately after lunch or dinner, it would be better on health angle since immediate consumption of the same dilutes the acid helpful for the digestion. It could be taken after 45 minutes after the meal to facilitate digestion. Ensure that the water being consumed is free from organic impurities by boiling the same and afterwards it should be used.

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    The quantity of consuming water is normally told as six liters per day. But it may not be correct quantity in case of some persons as it is more than sufficient or not sufficient to some people according to their body condition. So it is not correct to consume water either low or more quantity by seeing this and that or hearing him or her. We should see our own body condition. As over consumption may lead to kidney failure in some cases. Consulting a doctor is good or seeing our daily routine we can fix our limit.

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    Yes one must ensure that how much water is suitable for him according to their body condition. Different peole have different need of water in daily basis.

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