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    Do you listen to melodious music in the morning?

    Hi, Do you listen to melodious music in the morning? Music is one of the best therapy to improve one's health and perspective of life. Many people have habit of listing melodius songs in the morning time that helps them to feel more positive. Some people play devotional songs in morning. Some play old melodies to start their day in positive way. I also enjoy soothing music in morning time. It is also like a excercise for us. Please extend your views on this.
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    Mornings should be dedicated to the pray of God because it is the tranquil situation would be very conducive to seek pardon and favor with meditation and slokas and the melodies music must be listened during the sleeping time because the good melodies turn out to be lullabies for us. The wee hours in the morning must be the right time to have bath and connect with the prayers of your faith and those who are sincere in this attempts are being bestowed becaue the Bhrahma Muhurath prayers are always heard and rewarded. Coming to music I like listen the instrumental and in that category I like the Santoor and accordion . Both the instruments were awesome and one can have good rendition of the same. If we like our instruments being played the joy and connectivity would pave way for smooth listening and sleep.
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    Listening to good music during the early mornings will make our brain refresh and we can work and think in a better way. My wife will keep some mythological songs in the morning on her mobile and she will be hearing them while she works in the kitchen. Almost for about an hour or so that will go on. I will also be hearing the same while attending my works.
    In many of the places of worship, there is a practice of playing music and songs. They keep these songs for an hour or so and the devotees there will enjoy the music while praying. Music is one which gives relaxation to all the people. Not only humans but also animals will feel happy and get attracted to music. Many children stop crying when they hear music.

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    Music is not only a great pastime but also a great healer and soothing agent if proper melodies are being listened by the music lover. I was listening to music since my school time and the habit is continuing so far. Normally, I listen to music in the afternoon time when I am free from the household chorus. My choice is limited to old melodious hindi songs which are as effective today as they were in the beginning.
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    Music as a thread makes me very happy to discuss. Hearing to a favorite music form is a great refreshment to start a day with. However bad the previous day had been, our routine along with the music the next day morning would be felt like a kick start. My mom used to play morning affirmations with a soothing background music while cooking and she never goes to sleep without hearing to night affirmations too, as it would give her a peaceful sleep. I will keep repeating the words of the video while it's getting played.
    As said by a few, even slokas and carnatic music is a form of enlightened start for the day. Opens our mind to spirituality, positivity and prayer. Music is a wonderful medicine. I prefer hearing to fast music to boost my mood and melodious music to sleep. We are practicing the same to the our new born also at home, where he would be crying for long but would suddenly doze off to sleep, on hearing to carnatic aalaabs.

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    Ni, I don't start my day with music. I start my day with morning prayer. I was a big fond of music but I am passionate for music ,however, I like to listen to soft music, especially, old Hindi songs, I don't miss some good selected music of today 's music too.

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