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    Power nap would make you refereshed instantly

    Some times we may not have the sound sleep for the slated hours and that gives rise to drowsy feeling in the morning and surely jeopardize our working ability and thus we may even make mistakes. It is better to have a power nap for at least 20 minutes and that would pave way for a trouble free wake up whole through the day. And probably for this reason the accidents takes place at wee hours because the drivers try to postpone the power nap and thus creates blunders. What is your view on this subject.
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    Power nap or cat nap is very popular among the busy people who have less time in their lives for long sleep hours. It is said that it refreshes the body and rejuvenates the mind. There are many benefits of it as perceived by people. Those who need more sleep because of their biological system may not be satisfied with this as they would feel tired if they do not take a long sleep. So, this varies from individual to individual also and different people experience the result of power nap differently. I have seen the benefit of this when I am tired and only a 10-15 minutes sleep is sufficient to refresh me.
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    The cat nap what we call also helps us get to work immediately.
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    When the drivers feel sleepy while driving, they stop of the vehicle on one side and sleep for 20 or 30 minutes. Then they will get up and wash their face and start driving again. That will give them more confidence and they can drive safely.
    Sometimes when we are working on our desktop or laptop we will get drowsy. Then if we just have a nap for 15 to 20 minutes, we will get refreshed and we can start working actively.
    Some times we may be forced to work overnight. After 2 AM we will become sleepy and we may not be able to work actively. Then if we sleep for an hour or so we will get active. Because we know that we have immediate work to do, our mind may adjust for the small rest we have given to it and start working actively after that power nap, I think.

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