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    Our absence at home and office should not hamper work

    There are some people who keep their work to the chest and would not divulge the details as to how to go about by others as they feel the insecure of the job if other person tries to over smart and performs well. Even at the home we should not have monopoly in some works and allow others also to try their best. This way we must facilitate our works be learned by all and that would pave for unhindered work at home and office otherwise the entire chain of events down the line would suffer causing hardship to many concerned.
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    It depends on what work one has to perform. As far as official work is concerned, every employee has his own duties and responsibilities and which each of them has to perform. However, if you are the head of the team and you're given a task to get it done by your team, in this situation, it's not necessary to divulge all information to every team member, you may direct each of them as per your planning and assigned responsibilities.
    In a certain situation which the author has implied to may come across in official life if you have tough competition with some other employee, and any information if known to him may go against you, in this situation every step should be taken quite cautiously.

    In household choices, every member should take his responsibility in priority and should be performed accordingly.

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    All depends on the nature of the work. In an office set up, the outcome of the day should not get hampered due to absence of some person. It is the planning of the individual that counts. The people should e empowered to work independently and there should not be any postponement of works due to the absence of a person. The seniors should see that the authorities are there with down the line people to carry on the routine work. Then in their absence also work in the office will not get hampered.
    In the house, I think we will not have any problem even though somebody is out of the station. Even the main earner is not there in the house he will make some alternative arrangement to take care of the works that are to be performed in our absence also. Money is to be arranged in the house for the remaining people to carry out their routine without any problem

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    We have to work in a team and not in isolation. If we work in isolation and keep things up to ourselves then it could be due to our desire to get importance or to become indispensable. But it is not a good trait for overall development of the family or organisation. We should work with transparency and sharing with each other. Only then in our absence the work will move smoothly.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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