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    Identify genuine or fake apps before downloading from the play store.

    Nowadays everyone has android phones and people download the latest new apps. But often people are careless while downloading apps and many times they download fake apps in a hurry. Some special things should be noted while downloading the app. First, you should check the spelling and icon of the app and the website related to it, as well as the number of users downloading that app. Many times when you give mobile in the hands of children, it is seen that they download any app without thinking. One should always keep in mind that download the real app or else one can be in big cyber trouble.
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    True. We should ensure that we are downloading the correct app. Sometimes we will download a wrong app by mistake due to the similarity in name and logo etc. They may create some problem sometimes. It is not wise to keep so many apps on the phone. They will make the phone slow. So be sure that you are downloading the apps which are useful to you and necessary for you. If you are not using them regularly better uninstall them and you can reinstall when there is a requirement.
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    As the mobile penetration has increased much there is a significant increase in the number of applications being downloaded from the internet sites including App Store. There are so many apps available and sometimes people blindly download an app only to find that it is doing some fraudulent things in their device. One should be very alert and cautious while downloading an app. First thing is that we should see the online reviews by the users, next thing is that we have to see as how many people have downloaded it and a big number shows its popularity. These are some basic precautions and then only we should download it.
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    We should not allow children to use mobile to such an advanced extent that they start downloading whatever they want without telling us. Internet is full of so many things including some objectionable material. Children will be misled by that type of stuff. Moreover if they download some malware without knowing about it then it will be a threat to the device.
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