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    Let the children of lower classes not come to school at all

    The scare of the virus is not at all gone; many States have opened the schools. Of course, many children have been affected and the schools have been closed again; one needs to be very careful and ensure that the children are not affected at all.

    The wisest thing is to open the schools somewhat sparingly only for the 10 th and 12 th stad students and continue with the present online classes for another six months. It is wise to promote any child without the annual examination till class nine; the seriousness of the classes will be felt and realized only when Corona is history. Not till that stage is reached.

    Heaven's are not going to fall if the students learn from home. Power point presentations in the local language can Indeed help a great deal.
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    Coronavirus is not over yet. Colleges and schools are opened. In some states, even the primary section has also been permitted by the government, however, schools have been directed to follow some guidelines. I agree with the author that primary and middle classes should not be permitted because we don't know what happens if this deadly virus spreads among them. They should be taught at home for a year and next year they may be admitted in the next class. The situation is still bad as far as virus effect is concerned.

    Classes from ninth onwards are going on. Students are going to schools. But it's also scary that I don't see them wearing a mask. It means school management is not serious about coronavirus. They are playing with the lives of students. They should follow all guidelines and ask students also to abide by them.
    Who is responsible for this negligence? Is local administration not responsible? Why do they not check schools and colleges whether or not all guidelines are taken care of?

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    I also feel it is not wise to send the kids to school in the present situation. Even one more year we can go for online classes and that is not going to harm the student in any way. Colleges and universities may start functioning. But lower classes should not start classroom teaching for some more time.
    It will become very difficult for the teachers to take care of the students and see that they all will follow the precautions carefully. Small children may not understand the importance of various regulations that are to be followed to prevent COVID to spread and they will be in danger zone. So I strongly recommend parents not to send their children who are in lower classes to schools at present.

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    The author has rightly said that the time is not too safe so that we can send children to school with carelessness. Still, the risk of the corona is not less, going to school is a risk to children's health. Schools have been closed for a long time due to Corona, but now parents are also worried about the school opening. Most say that the process of opening the school should not be started yet. We know that they will not be able to make such an arrangement in schools so that children are completely protected from infection of the virus. It is appropriate for children to get online education from home.
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    More than fifty percent the fear is killing our people. The virus spreads on one side and fear is killing on the other side. It is learned that if the immunity power is just over the expected level the virus will not attack us. By keeping this in mind parents of small children including school going children should take more care on their children in giving the food and country medicines in order to increase the immunity. They should not avoid their normal food by fearing on any account. For poor people the food are normally supplied by many charitable personnel, Government bodies and such people should never hesitate to avail the foods and medicines from them

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