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    Do not avoid the seat belt when travelling by car

    There are dare devil people in our country. There is a rule that when travelling by car, one should not fail to wear the seat belt, even if the driver is there. However, most people break this rule and when the cop stops the car, "negotiations" begin. We all know what these negotiations are.

    Let us take care of ourselves more than others. We just cannot to be complacent. Road rules should not be broken at will. And another aspect is the corruption angle. I'd we ourselves are corrupt, how can we expect others to be honest? Those who travel by car and bribe the cop often have children watching the money being given. They learn that unwelcome aspect of life.

    There are many accidents caused when people do not wear seat belts. Let us be more careful in this respect.
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    Safety first should be the concept always. These safety points for our safety only. By following safety rules you can minimise the damage in case of any unwanted incident. Seat belt is very important not only for the driver but also for all other passengers.
    In our country, many people are not having the habit of wearing a seat belt. They feel it is important only to the driver which is a wrong concept. The persons sitting in the back seat also should wear seat belts. In the case of the driver applying a sudden break also, there will not be any issue for the travellers.
    In India, many people are not having a sense of traffic. They never follow road rules. This will cause an inconvenience to other travellers. So we should take our own precautions and see that the damage will be minimum for us.

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    This small habit or thought makes many people to meet a disaster in their life. As they think 'nothing will happen to me' - this thought prevails even in wearing mask, maintaining social distance and neglecting warnings given by authorities like wearing seat belt, helmet etc., We should know the basic involving in such warnings.

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    Government is interested in the life of its citizen. Hence they impose orders and instructions to follow. Moreover, the Insurance agents would insist the government that they should be very strict with implementation and supervision of rules and regulations with regards to safety and security to the life of its citizens. This is to ensure that the fatal accidents are reduced and insurance company is saved with less accidental claims.

    Whatever has to happen that will certainly happen. Even after wearing helmet or seat-belt or following the traffic regulations, our life would be in danger as per our karma.

    Anyway, don't neglect helmet and seat-belt. Wear them for the sake of your family members. " Your life is not for you, but for your family and the nation."

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    Safety is a very important aspect in our lives and it is necessary to adhere to those stipulations if we are serious for our as well as life of all others who are moving along with us. Safety is not a one time action, it is a life style. Safety is to adhered all the times in the same situation because even one case of negligence of safety measures can cost us much. In many organisations and business units safety drills are performed to inculcate the safety in the minds as well as action of the people and many people keep it in their mind and follow the procedures. Still there are some adamant and indiscipline people who do not care for safety measures and instead argue that everything goes by the luck and safety has nothing to contribute in our life. But when accident happens then they realise the importance of these rules and regulations but by that time things would have gone too far.
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    Nice advisory from the author that who travel as driver or the passenger must wear the seat belt which is good and safe too. Invariably we have seen that when the car met with an accident the more toll is not wearing the seat belt and thus the traffic police are very particular about the rule and they even fetch some money for them. Foreign cars have balloons on the front side of the passengers and thus in the event of accident the balloon would open up an save the passenger from possible heavy injuries. But wearing the seat belt wound save the person from much injuries in the even of car met with accident.
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    Absolutely agree with the author. From a safety point of view, it is very important to always sit in the car with a seat belt. Many times there have been many major accidents in which people have lost their lives due to not using seat belts. A little caution can keep you safe, so why take care to adopt it. As a citizen too, it is our duty to follow the vehicle rules which are necessary for the protection of our lives. Some people thought themselves cool by avoiding these rules but in reality, they are playing with their own life.
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