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    Does daily horoscope reading help us in predicting our day?

    Many have the habit of viewing the horoscope predictions for their respective zodiac signs every morning as a routine. Most of the magazines and newspapers have these forecasts as a column, since its a popular segment that catches viewer's eye in the want of them knowing what would happen today in their life. It is even telecasted as a television show for every change in planetary positions and its effects on our zodiac for the coming months or years.

    According to me Horoscope/ Tarot readings can be kept as a check on energy that surrounds us but need not be taken too seriously and feared about. Because not all astrologers are perfect in prediction, sometimes it may also go the other way around and the warning that they give might go favourable for us. If we keep on checking so constantly on them, it will become an addiction and create negative thoughts. What is your view on this?
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    So many crores of people are there in the country. They are all divided into 12 signs. How a day will be similar to so many people. So these daily predictions that are published in newspapers and TV channels may not be very accurate.
    But every individual will have a birth chart. It is unique to the individual. Generally, no two charts will be tally 100%. There may be some difference. So by seeing that individual charts some astrologers will make some predictions. Those predictions may hold good. Not the predictions published commonly in the papers and magazines.
    But seeing these predictions if we take care of ourselves, there is nothing wrong. If there is a prediction of an accident on that day we can avoid driving as far as possible and even during driving we can take some precautions. That way those predictions may help us in averting some unwanted incidents.

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    Everything is based on one's belief. Those who are believing it is good to note the chandrashtama days and taking care to the possible extent. Though the daily predictions are given commonly for any rasi and star, it is told as 'fortell' is being told for somewhat alert. When we are going in a vehicle or by walk, if somebody telling that there is big pit on the way, it is up to us to decide hear or not. But if we ignore the alert the loss is only to us not to any others.

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    Some people believe in it and go through it daily and find that some points given there are true also but not all the points. Even if a non believer sees it, he will be impressed as some points would come true in his case also. So, daily horoscope gives some general predictions and when some of them match people feel happy.
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    There are two categories of knowledge bases. One is on scientific basis like Physics, Chemistry, Geography, Mathematics, Engineering etc. Second is the dubious ones like Astrology, Horoscope, Tarot cards, Palmistry etc. Logical and rational people generally believe in first category while the commoners believe in both of them.

    The second category is very interesting. It is based on statistical sciences which mainly deals with probability and things like that. Any prediction can go right or wrong and no one knows what will happen. The person who is predicting takes a chance. If his prediction goes right he is happy and the common man is also happy. If the prediction fails then some reason for that will be given like the horoscope may not be correct, the time of birth is not correct in the horoscope and many such things which will further obscure the rationality of the common person.

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    I am in the category of the people who read the horoscope daily. I don't trust it totally but sometimes I have noticed that the predictions come out to be true. I remember when I was a kid I used to read it daily but not now a days. Yes people interrelate it with their daily routine.

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