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    Hurry may result in worry

    We may have to attend different works every day and make some decisions also. One has to plan his works as per the priority and should make the decisions after thinking about the situation and examining various options. Some times without understanding the subject fully we may be making decisions in a hurry. The chances of that decision going wrong are very high. That is why people always say that hurry brings worry.

    One should give sufficient time based on the importance of the subject and understand the subject completely before making a decision. If necessary we should look into the minute details of the issue so that we will have the correct and full information about the issue. Once we do such exercise we will have full information with us and we can make an apt decision.

    Think and act. Then you can be happy without any worry.
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    In Tamil there are sayings like 'Pathariya kaariyam Sitharum' and 'avasaraththil andaavil kooda kai nuzhaiyaathu'. Which means the work will get scattered if done in hurry and when we do a work in hurry our hand will not go inside of a biggest tub. I have experienced this many times and in spite of that, I used to take many care before doing a job and never I do a work in hurry.

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    Hurry is worry. Haste is waste. You are absolutely right with the phrases. When someone asked what is the best Dhaan in the world, someone answered "Nidhaan' which means patience. We should maintain cool and work. We should never hurry up to do things. Plan the activities well for perfect execution. If you have to reach a function , plan your movements well, and try to reach 15 minutes in advance. So that you have 15 minutes in hand to overcome traffic jam , block etc.
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    Hurry and haste both are very risky ways of attending a job. However intelligent and knowledgeable the person is if he attempts something in haste without proper pondering and homework, he may be a loser in that endeavour. Many times sufficient time is there in hand still people move on without patience, that is definitely a bad trait and will have its own repercussions at times in our lives. There is no substitute of patience. It may appear as a slow process but it helps in performing a task or attending to a job in a perfect and foolproof manner.
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    It is the fact that every work has its gestation time and we cannot expect early results from it. For example a pressure cooker need at least 12 minute time to cook the rice and we cannot hurry it nor remove the lid with the cooking is half way. Like wise every process in the factory as to go through production, checking for the quality,lining for the dispatch and finally the dispatch is done through billing and final checks. Now if some one asks that the normal procedure be get rid off and send the material directly none would agree. So there is time a frame for everything to take shame and deliver.
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    The author has given the right message. In a hurry, many times we increase our work. Work should always be done carefully and properly, not in a hurry. Mostly, the way of working of some people is such that they do not organize their work, so their work gets messed up and then, in the end, such people hurry. If planning is done in advance, it saves time and energy. Better results can be achieved if you work with patience. It is also truly said by someone, the hurry is the work of the devil.

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    Whatever we are doing we must do it properly. When we are in a hurry often we do not feel it necessary to give a second thought to some issues though they require enough attention. When we fail to give the necessary attention and finish the task somehow in a hurry the chances of mistakes are high which ultimately becomes a cause of our worry. It is true that we need to finish many tasks within the stipulated time and for that, we need to manage the time in an efficient way. Let's think of writing the papers in an examination. We need to complete it within a specific time and for that, we write very fast. There may be some mistakes while writing which we notice only if we can revise the paper after writing all the answers. To write all the answers and again revising it is not an easy task and requires practice. A student who scores good marks should not only have to be well-versed but also know the techniques to complete the paper in time and re-check it for errors. The more we practise, the less will be our worry. Another important thing may be over-confidence. This can also be a cause of worry because when people are over-confident they instantly take a decision without giving proper thought to the issues. In every case, we need to analyze the issue before taking the action so that we do not have to worry later.

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    I agree with the author that we should not make haste in doing any work or assignment or opportunity until it is understood fully that what we have to do. Sometimes, we understand something superficially which we have to do, nevertheless, we act on it as a result expected outcome doesn't come out. It spoils all efforts and energy invested in a particular work along with disappointment as well.
    Therefore, we should think twice or thrice before carrying it out.

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    Anything done in a haste will never be done in a perfect way as some problem will come in its execution in between the process because we have not done our homework in a correct way which requires patience.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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