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    Are the corporates good for a country?

    Recently we starting hearing about the corporates and their dealings. Many opine that they eat away the money and the people suffer, especially the farmers. Is it right? Are corporates really bad? Do they really help the poor to remain as poor? What are your views and opinions about the corporates in a country?
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    When it comes to growth factor then corporates only can make a fast growth in any country as they are highly motivated by their earnings and expansion of their business. They become like the big landlords of the old times. Due to money power they can get any favour from the Govt and other agencies. So, if given a free hand they will accumulate a lot of wealth and will have monopoly in their core business area. I think it depends on a good governance of the ruling Govt that decides whether the corporate will be able to monopolise the situation or not. If Govt is strict then they will have to remain in their boundaries and will not become uncontrollable. In some countries like Russia an experiment at the time of incorporation of communist regime was done to see that there would not be any corporate and everything will be done in a commune system dividing the benefits to all. Unfortunately it failed miserably because it was found that there was no ownership and people started to avoid any work assigned to them. So every system has its own pros and cons.
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    Most of the Americans are worried that US faces a crisis of corporate capture of democratic government, where the economic power of corporations has been translated into political power with disastrous effects for people's lives. In his new book, Captured: The Corporate Infiltration of American Democracy, Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse warns that "corporations of vast wealth and remorseless staying power have moved into our politics to seize for themselves advantages that can be seized only by control over government." The book illustrates what he calls, the "immense pressure deployed by the corporate sector in our government." He emphasised that they must rebalance their democracy by changing the rules to limit the power of money over government and empower people to engage politically as a countervailing force.

    I think corporate are essential part of the country. They are very much important for the progress of the nation too but they should not be so much powerful that they would begin to influence the government as Americans are looking worried.

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    Corporates are necesssary for creating wealth and creating jobs. When we do business with money we will be very careful and see that we will not lose and try all the ways to accumulate more wealth. They take all precautions to see that their money is not wasted.

    But as they become strong and strong and the government may become a puppet in their hands.dome corporates always try to become rich by compromising on values and ethics. It is the responsibility of the government to keep the corporates in thier limits and see that they will never cross their limits.

    Because of the corrupt practices of politicians and bureaucrats some corporates are practising illegal ways and making wealth for the promoters. This aspect is only worrying the common man. A good governance combined with corporates with ethical practices
    will make the nation strong.

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    When the Corporates get good amount of help and larges from the government they have to payback the same with different thoughts. Like they may adopt a village near their factory and help with roads and basic amenities including education and employment. But such kind of demand is not made by the govt, instead the parties which are ruling in the position seek political donation from the corporate and thus public money is used for their own benefit and the govt is unable to ask them further favor. One thing is sure, every corporate person has the responsibility towards the society and that should come from within and not asked for. I do understand that the Gujarat and AP govt are making it mandatory for the companies to adopt a village before they set up the facilities in their respective states.
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    A country like India where Mixed Economic system exist, can not survive without Corporate sectors. The Govt does not have enough wealth to stablish every Industry. They engaged only to the Safety, essentials and defense nature services. Private players are engaged to others services. Accordingly govt made rules to control those private sectors for the benefits of the people.
    Thus corporate sector play a vital role for employment generations, Overall development of Industrial sectors which improve the standard of life and increase the demand supply chain. Beside those functioning the Corporate are directly engaged various corporate social responsibilities (CSR) to expensed a portion of their profit for the purpose as per the order of the Govt. Hence functioning of corporate sectors is very much essential for a country.

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    I have gone through your good responses that corporates are a must for the development of the country. Then why many talk ill about Adani and Ambani and portray them as the worst corporates, especially by the Congress Leadership, the opposition parties, and the protesting farmer groups? Are they really bad for the farming community?
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    We have to have a balance of these things and we cannot have the monopoly of the corporates and at the same time we cannot progress without them. It is a fact that the real entrepreneurship and progress is through the corporate culture only and not by the public sector or Govt units which work with the speed of a tortoise. So we cannot dispense with the key corporates in our country.
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    Just look at my comparison with the government and corporates. I was using BSNL broadband for my internet operation and was paying Rs. 900+ every month. Now I am using JIO modem for internet communication by simply paying Rs. 399 for 86 days. It is approx Rs. 133 per month. I regularly visit Reliance market and get vegetables cheaper than the outside market. Not only vegetable, but many products are cheaper than outside market price.

    How can I say that Reliance is bad, worse or worst? They are good.

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