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    It is superb to see the massive growth of B class cities.

    Coimbatore. Trichur and Cochin. While Coimbatore and Cochin may be called B class citieswith a very fast rate of growth, Trichur may be somewhere more than a C class town but slightly less than B.

    Coimbatore's growth is fabulous. It is the modern citadel of a massive growth in the auto component industry and the service sector which is growing so fast that its speed may even equal that of Chennai. For example, all the big names are into developing massive gated communities that have attracted the NRI population of both Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

    There are other cities like Salem and Tiruchi that are similar to Tiruchur in terms of growth.Vixag and Vijayawada are experiencing similar growth in AP. We now need more of growth only in such cities. The big five metro cities including Bangalore are growing so fast but they cannot sustain as mega cities as they have grown far beyond manageable proportions.
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    Initially the growth was limited to a few cities in our country but due to the population increase and new opportunities coming in the business world all new types of business have emerged and growing in the cities and towns. This growth is fuelled by the industrial growth, new technology growth, and service sector growth in our country and is expected to continue in future. Due to lack of Govt jobs now people are either going for private jobs or start their own business unit however small it might be. This new trend is forcing the cities to grow for providing more space to the new entrepreneurs. The present Govt has already done good job in the area of infrastructure and based on that connectivity in terms of physical movement or communication between the places, many young people are moving from their towns to other cities where such growth is being seen. It is a matter of happiness that many cities in our country are growing rapidly which is an indication that more jobs will be created with time and more opportunities will be there.
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    It is the fact that some B class cities are developing thanks to certain concentrated segment of Industries which are spread over there and the development is for sure shot. Coimbatore is known for submersible pumps and mono bloc pumps and most the the great brands are produced from there and therefore the city has developed lead and bounds. Some of the areas in Coimbatore is also known for holiday homes , retired homes, and paying guest homes which has become among those who sold all the properties as their children stay put in some country and would not return. They make good living with the community. Coimbatore is also known for certain communities who are into business like the Chetiars. So Coimbatore has every reason to develop fast and even over take the A class cities shortly.
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    This is required. The development of B class and C class cities is the necessity. In United Andhra Pradesh all the development was concentrated around Hyderabad only. No other place was developed. When the State divided the residuary AP was not having a single city which is good as capital. No development in that State. The State's economy was very bad. If some other cities were also developed means AP might have been in a good position by this time.
    It is good that at least now some B Class and C class cities are getting the attention. Visakhapatnam and Vijayawada, Guntur and Tirupathi of Andhra Pradesh are getting developed and Kakinada is also getting some attention. But in Telanagana we are not finding any development in other places. The government should think and places like Warangal, Karimnagar, Khammam and Nizamabad should be considered for development.

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    Many small towns are developing in a fast speed now and in some places the development is really phenomenal. In our area there were about 10 - 12 small towns out of which now 3 - 4 have become like magnificent cities having so many facilities and also having large number of fun activities. The population increase is there everywhere and people are migrating from villages to these upcoming cities.
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    There are three economic sectors - Primary, Industrial and Tertiary sector. Big cities are regarded big because of Terriary sector, however, industries are also established in those cities but Terriary is the main sector.
    I have seen a few small towns which have become centre of the eyes. One of them is Kashipur, earlier it was in U.P. but now it's in Uttarakhand state. Late Narayan Datt Tiwari was an M.P. He had been a CM of U.P. also . Tiwari brought industries in Kashipur and other small towns, like Rudrapur, Bazpur, Haldwani etc.

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