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    Accept the wrong with great humbleness

    During the course of work, we are bound to encounter such challenging positions to which we bound to make mistake and agreeing to the mistake made is the great humble try from us. We are not going to loose our prestige and trust if we agree to the mistake. By wronging we are also proving to the world that we did made the attempt to be successful but ended as the wrong Never mid at least a begining was made to achieve the success no matter we may encounter one or more wrong things happening on the way.
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    We need to accept our mistakes otherwise we won't be able to correct the mistakes. We are not machines and at times there are inadvertent mistakes. We become aware of it either when it is pointed out by others or when we analyze our actions after some time. When we know it was a mistake, we need to take remedial measures so that it is not repeated again and also thank the person who points out that mistake. A good example is ISC. At times, there are certain inadvertent mistakes while posting in various sections and those mistakes are either notified by the editors or other members reading the post. If a mistake remains unnoticed, we won't be able to know it's a mistake. Therefore, we need to modestly accept it.

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    If the mistake is not known then we are denied of the facts.
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    This is a very precise observation that accepting the mistake is the best way to go about it and gives enough and open scope to correct it and the higher ups would also support in the matter. All the problems come when we try to hide the mistake and somehow want that no one should not know about it as that would be a matter of great humiliation for us. Actually it is not like that because the real humiliation will be there when we hide it and in the normal course of the work and investigation it in unearthed one day and then it will be assumed as intentional wrong doing. So people should have courage and conviction to accept their faults well in time to avoid any inconvenience or humiliation at a later stage. We have to develop that boldness in us to accept the mistake in its primary stage itself.
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    Realising our mistakes and fixing them up instead of finding loopholes especially when we are assigned to perform any teamwork where we require mutual cooperation and understanding between each other. Sometimes, the communication gap between the team players creates problems and causes mistakes too. To avoid any misunderstanding, we need to have dialogue at every step. A relay race is the best example of it where a simple mistake of a player will result in lose of race.
    But one thing is important if someone commits a mistake and confesses it too then other colleagues should not slam him, instead, they should seek the ways or solution to redress this mistake or recover the losses incurred due to it

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    Whether a work is new or old, our experience may be less in it but the mistake is a process that comes during everyone's work and probably will continue to come. Making a mistake does not mean that we do not have expertise in that work, or we did not do that work as a sincere person. To make a mistake is just that we should have done this work in another way and increase concentration a little. If we hide a mistake or try to cover it, then we have to face more problems. The sooner we accept our mistake, the sooner we will try to rectify it, and only then we will be able to succeed. If you are truly honest about your work, do not be afraid of committing mistakes and accepting them. Every mistake makes us learn something or learn to recognize it. Making mistakes is not the problem, repeating mistakes is the real problem, so do not repeat the mistake.

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    To err is human. There are many chances we may do some mistakes. But accepting those mistakes requires a lot of guts. Many people always try to defend their actions and try to blame somebody else for the mistake that has happened. One should accept their mistakes and try to rectify themselves and should not repeat the mistake again. Once we identify the mistake we should think of the remedial action and see that we can correct the mistake committed by us.
    In our career, we see many people who blame somebody else and make them scapegoats. But when the work is appreciated the same person will try to get the credit for their success. Such people should be identified and we should be careful with such people. One should always view a mistake as an issue and that should be solved rather thinking about the person and fix him for the mistake.

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