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    How often do you watch movies and which movie genre you liked the most?

    Hi, We all like to watch movies. Many people watch a movie once a week or month where as some people watch a movie every day. Different people like different types of movies. Some people like love story, drama, comedy, animated, romantic movies and some people like to watch action thrillers and horror genre movies. Movies is one of the entertainment medium. Please share How often do you watch movies and which movie genre you liked the most?
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    We are the genre of old fashion and old movie likens and we do not accept new movies which has over dose of sex, violence, double meaning dialogue and without strong dialogues but double meaning conveying jokes that may suit the present generation for sure and we are not for it. When we watched the old movies, there was strong line, socal message, the acting was real and not fake and movies were churned out leisurely and not with haste as these days a new Telugu movie is made within a month as the producer want quick money and what spent and thus the thrust on quality and sequence of scenes do miss when the movie is watched with great interest. My last movie was Hum Aaap ke kaun becuase that was well made and liked. Sorry the present movie does not fit into the minds of the elders and thus shunned.
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    Earlier I was viewing quite a good number of movies but now due to my involvement in writing in the internet sites I am not able to devote time for viewing movies though I have a keen desire to do so. Earlier, I mostly liked either the comedies or some suspense and thrilling movies in Hindi as well as English. About 15 - 20 years back, when I was viewing some English suspense and thriller movies, I could not understand them as I was not able to catch up with their pronunciation and was not able to enjoy them. So I used to go to Wikipedia and other sites where I would read the story and then I could enjoy the movie in a better way. But still it was not very satisfying. So, one day I just came across a site where subtitles for the English movies were given. As I had videos of old movies with me in DVD or hard disc I attempted to download some subtitle files from the net and it worked very nicely and the dialogue in English was coming on the screen in bold letters. It was really very exciting and then I viewed a large number of English movies by downloading the free subtitles for them.
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    Till our education is over, that is up to 1977, I and my brother have viewed many movies irrespective of language. In those days the movies also with good stuff and songs. Even after certain years we can recollect the memory as running in our mind when we hear a film song. But nowadays first of all very random pictures found with good stuff and songs. So after coming for employment though we have money there is no interest in watching movies. To be frank that I have seen a film lastly in 2017.

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    Nowadays we have enough online content to watch that it becomes tough to watch any full featured movie. Sometime watching full old full featured movie makes us more relax than watching content online.

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    Movies are common entertainment to a common man. Many middle-class families and poor families will enjoy going to a cinema hall and watching movies. This a common entertainment for the whole family.
    I am a movie lover. I used to see at least 2 movies a week. But slowly I reduced the frequency and I used to go for a movie in a week with my family. I continue this for a long time. Later on, I further reduced the frequency and I started seeing one movie in two weeks and further reduced to one movie a month. But COVID19 made me stop going to a movie hall. It is almost a year I watched a movie in a theatre. Now I heard that cinema halls are opened. But till I get vaccinated I will not go for a movie.
    I like mythological movies and historical movies. I am a big fan of the famous Telugu actor N T Rama Rao. I never missed watching his movie. He is one of the best actors I have watched and he is a multi-talented actor with excellent acting skills.

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