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    Deepfakes technology: How dangerous do you think it can be to manipulate the truth?

    Hi, Deepfake technology is a artificial intelligence and deep learning technology that is used to manipulate or change any existing video, audio and image with fake content. We are already watching many videos that are not true but Deepfake videos. It seems people also believe that these are real. Deepfake has introduced a great thread to society as fake news is one example of this technology. It is also warning sign for all of us that we guide our little ones whenever they are surfing anything in internet. There are already so many videos uploaded in internet that are the work of deepfake. So it is time to be more aware. It works as deception and a great threat to reality. So how dangerous do you think it can be to manipulate the truth?
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    For that matter any new technology which is harmful to the human being behavior and the society that should be banned and we should not follow it. Plagiarism or spam of any format is not suggested because the initiated person created the original and that must be respected and one should not overlap the original with imposed content and morphing which is not only copyright violations but also amounts to defaming the original creation. I just cannot understand the logic behind such technologies which used to defy the originals and given support to copied creations and we should not give it going.
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    People are using internet and especially the social media in it for various purposes and now the technology is allowing some technically sound people to manipulate the existing information and present it to the gullible common people and mislead them in many matters. The main idea is to make them believe about an incident that it was not what it was reported earlier. Frankly speaking, these types of things are not only being done by some of the internet savvy adventurous people but also by the PR department of so many organisations. This has become a tool to protect oneself from the wrong deeds done and show it in a deformed shape to the public. It is definitely a matter of great threat to the society as the criminals will do some wrong thing and mislead the people by showing some altered and manipulated information on our mobile screens. The investigative agencies especially in Govt sector have to gear up their team to combat with this big problem which has already engulfed the social media.
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    Deepfake technology is very dangerous. This can create many fake videos by superimposing the faces of some famous personalities on the bodies of normal people and try to defame those famous people. Recently we heard about a video wherein the then President of the USA was involved in some unwanted actions. Many people that that is a real video and happened really. But later on, it was revealed that it is not a piece of correct news.
    There are chances for doing many evil acts by creating such videos and will cause unnecessary trouble to some innocent people. The people who are making such videos should be identified and strict action is to be taken so that people will not venture into such acts. The punishments should be exemplary so that people will have a fear of doing such acts.

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    Tempered videos are nowadays very common in the internet and it is very difficult to find out that what is fake and what is true. Yesterday, one top journalist of a big TV channel is sacked from his job in the channel because he shared a fake video of republic day event with the public in that TV channel. We do not know whether he did it intentionally or not but he lost his precious job. It is being told that his salary was in lakhs.
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    Yes, it is very harmful in any manner. As we know that people can make fake videos with the help of this technology and it may possible to use those videos for their own interest which is unethical. Technology development is our need and it should be because this is one of the pillars of country development, but on the other hand, some anti social elements are always there who play with these technologies in a wrong way and try to harm other people. We should aware of new technologies and also know all about their pros and cons.

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