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    Being sweet is not a must, but honesty is

    Is it always possible to look after the details of every issue? No, surely not. In the same manner, no one can go through every forum thread. While reading the post Thread of the Week contest winners, I found my name for the special prize winner for the thread Life is nothing short of an experiment. It made me extremely happy because the write-up was on my personal experience that helped me to understand myself better.

    I thought to post a congratulatory note to the rest of the winners when I noticed that a few members commented that all the winning posts were interesting. Naturally, I checked my thread to see if there is any comment on my post. Well, there is none. It made me think that those members who appreciated did they sincerely read my thread but didn't comment or just praised it randomly without reading. I don't know what the truth is! I wholeheartedly believe that there is no need to be sweet always, but honesty must prevail at every moment. What's your opinion?
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    Nice post from the author as we have seen people speaking very kind to us and we see their behavior so sweet towards us but what is the use the use when there is no honesty in conveying the true love and affection. We have seen some people pretend to love the children and they display their open pleasure with redundant like which a child can gauge and would not stay long with them or try to cry. Some people say sweet words and that does not mean they really care us. They want to get rid of the situation from the that place and hence used choicest sweet words to which the other person gets baffled. And a honest person need not prove his character at all as every move of him and every action of him is towards the truth and trust and thus we automatically become huge fan even within the shortest period
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    This is an interesting observation by the author. It is also very interesting to observe that many times when some members see the award announcements they go to those posts which were awarded just to see them in curiosity. That is one part. Another is some member might not read that or even see those awarded posts but as a matter of courtesy while congratulating will mention that the awarded posts were outstanding. It happens like that in real life situation but it is always better if we say that word of appreciation after going through these particular posts.
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    The author's observation is good that many members give their views without reading the threads completely because these posts are already awarded. But most of the members who are active in the forum section do not miss any thread and read almost every thread. It is not mandatory for all authors to give their response on every thread because it also depends on the author's interest and knowledge of the topic. As far as the matter is concerned, other members have responded to the thread of the contest and that response is always good, it is natural. The other members' response to them will be sweet whether they agree with this decision or not. Because these threads are those threads that are already selected by many experienced and senior editors and authors. The same thing applies in life when we are unable to give our opinion due to lack of proper knowledge or experience about something, then we give our opinion on the respect of others.

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    The honest view is always better. The jury will definitely read all the threads and they select the threads which deserve the prize. There may be a selection criterion and as per that the threads will be selected. So there is no doubt and definitely, they are worth for the award.
    One should be honest in giving his opinion. We can try to point out anything we notice when we read the threads. But it will happen very rarely. But Editors will do their work genuinely and delete the threads which they feel does not deserve to be continued in the section. The reasons may be different and they will mention the reason also while deleting the threads. We should appreciate their honesty.

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    The observations are true. Congratulatory messages for the winners are posted as a matter of habit and some members add a few more lines whether they read the post or not. Nothing wrong with being sweet even though they honestly did not read the post.
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    I think sharing our views on the board should be our main aim. It is what I think. I don't mind if nobody comments on my thread. But the author has raised a valid question about how one can praise her thread without reading it. Generally, it happens we read a thread and without commenting on it we move on to another thread.
    It looks good if replies are posted on the thread because the purpose of starting any thread is to discuss that particular topic the thread based whereupon. However, it is the personal interest of the members which they prefer to reply or keep silent.

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    Good observation by the author. All the members might have congratulate you because the jury has awarded your thread so that's obvious your thread was good

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    In case, a member gets due appreciation for his write up, he would like go back again to the same article to see how far the comments put by another member is justified. A favourable comment may rejoice the member concerned. Without going through the details, no one will write any adverse comment in any article. However, it is always expected that any article carrying some relevant information should be appreciated by the members and such articles need congratulatory messages from the side of the readers.
    The editors do go through the different articles evaluating its standard and any comment from them is the reflection of true nature of the article.

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    This happens many times in discussions in forums section that without reading the author's contribution we presume that it would be good as it was awarded by the jury so everyone flows in the same stream and this situation arises.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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