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    Sustained efforts and labour finally yield the fruits

    Many people do efforts and hard work in this world but many times, due to cut throat competition everywhere, do not get recognition or achievement in their lives and sometimes get discouraged and demotivated by that. Yes, it happens often and is a natural reaction of our sentiments to the adverse conditions. Still the old formula of sustained efforts holds good because we do not know when that turning point or opportunity will come in our lives after which success would become a routine affair. Few days back I was reading about a science fiction writer who was writing during the great science fiction period from the year 1930 to 1960, but in the beginning, for a long time, none of his writings were approved by one of the leading magazine editor at that time. There were fewer opportunities then to publish one's work elsewhere so the writer kept on improving and trying and sending his stories there only and one day the editor informed him that his work had come to the acceptable level. Then the writer started to get his stories published regularly. I strongly feel that in spite of all hardships and problems encountered in the journey of our lives, the sustained and continuous efforts still hold merit. What do you think about that?
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    Consistency is essential part which plays a significant role in taking someone towards goal. Pyramid of success is very complicated maze where most of people are lost. Success is not easy for majority, however for some people it's an easy and accessible process. For some people it's a bed of roses. Lately, a news was viralled in social media that a girl of a prominent leader has become an IAS officer without appearing at examinations and interview. Does it look weird? No, everything is possible in our country. Those are lucky who cracks any opportunity. I think a struggler should keep on trying unless he is utterly exhausted.

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    Persistence of efforts is very necessary for the progress in our lives. Whether one is student or worker or executive or businessman what matters is continuous efforts and sustained steps taken for going ahead in any area.
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    Our elders told certain way of living for our goodness. But we ignored them by thinking ourselves over smart. Now when we face corona like epidemic we go back to their advice. Similarly hard work leads to a good fruit certainly as our elders told,'mei varuththa kooli tharum' which means the same. But this have been told many decades back.

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    Sustained efforts will give always good results. There is no doubt about that. If we see some LIC agents, they put sustained efforts to attract a person to take a policy in LIC. When he approaches a person for the first time, even the other person says no, he will not worry, Again he will meet him and go on explaining the merits of taking a policy. Second, third and if necessary fourth visit also he will make and go on appraising the benefits of the policy. Finally oneday the other person will get attracted and make a policy. In all fields, these sustained efforts are very necessary and that will make them an expert in that particular field.
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    Those who are sustained in their efforts in doing anything are always considered as superlative because they have already established a bench mark which is already surpassed their own records and thus become the epitome of all time high performer to which he becomes the Icon to emulate. And that sustained efforts would not come that easily. The performance and recognition goes hand in hand with little bit encouragement here and that is enough to hype their target further and thus superlative repeat performance happens much to the annoy of the enemies and distraction.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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