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    Understand the difference between a compliment and flattering.

    Everyone likes to hear their praise and maybe that's why people like to live among those who praise, on the other hand, you run away from those who always count your evils. It is good that people praise you to some extent, but in today's time, people also use it as a weapon to get their work done and by praising you, they fulfill many personal interests. But we should understand that the person in front is praising us or flattering us for his/her own interest. A flattering person is hurting us somewhere because we accept those compliments which may not be there in us. It would be better than the company of such fake people, we stayed with those who are straight forward but at least tell us the truth about us.
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    The compliment may or may not carry positive connotation but flattery undoubtedly carries a negative connotation. A compliment is applied to when someone is praised for his quality or some kind of achievement etc but flattery is a different thing. It generally pleases someone for gaining some undue advantage.
    People like both because both satiate a person's inner ego. Who doesn't want to be praised and who does not want to be applauded. I don't think if a lady is praised for cooking tasty food she does not like it, it is impossible. Even she is praised beyond problem limit she would not mind it. Which lady doesn't want to be praised for her beauty? Or which man does not like being called " Today you are looking dashing" if he has just left the big mirror?
    Not necessarily another person is praising, it might be possible that he is using flattery tool but despite knowing the reality of this flattery, he likes it.

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    If you really deserve an appreciation if somebody appreciates you that is a compliment. If somebody wants a favour from you and to get that favour from you some people will try to appreciate you which you really don't deserve but you lime to hear them. Such appreciations are nothing but flattering only.
    I have seen many people who tries to get their work done by you by making you happy by appreciation or praise. Many people will have the weakness of getting melted to such flatterings and do many favours to such people. They will come again and again with fresh requests and once if you are not able to fulfil their wish they will not appreciate you and may even blame you.
    It is always better to be away from compliments and flatterings. We should be able to distinh=guish between these two and understand the mentality of the other person.

    always confident

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