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    How much mature we are?

    Our elders always tell us that we should be mature, if not more, then at least as per our age. Maturity comes with time and age but everyone is not so lucky to get maturity with time. There are some who become mature not only as per their age but even become more mature than it is expected from a person of that age. What is your take on that? Should one be less mature or more mature corresponding to ones age? Maturity is a characteristics which distinguishes a person in respect of his judgement and prudence and being mature is definitely a good thing as it provides so many good traits to the individual. What are your views on maturity and its relation with the age of a person?
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    Yes. Some people will have more understanding of the issues than what they are supposed to be as per their age. Some people will have led understanding of the issues. Understanding an issue properly and judging the whole situation correctly will come with the age. But some people get these powers early than others. It is good if somebody is getting maturity early. He can be the front runner in many aspects of their age group. This is a gift of God. people who get the maturity early will become a leader and lead from the front and goes up fast in his career. A person with good judgement will assess the situation well and behaves based on the situation.
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    What is the definition of a mature person? We can see in the dictionary if we don't know. I don't think maturity ever comes in a person unless he/she fulfils the following criteria:

    - One who is responsible for his actions and doesn't blame others.
    - One who is not troubled by small things in life and does what is best for him.
    - One who doesn't come to conclusions rapidly but thinks deeply about it.
    - One who learns from his mistakes and doesn't hide his deficiencies.
    - One who listens attentively without interrupting others.
    - One who doesn't showoff and lives a life of simplicity.
    - One who knows that people have the right to disagree with him i.e he is not egocentric.
    - One who makes peace with his flaws and imperfections.
    - One who values time, relationships, morals over money.
    - One who works on his "circle of control" and not "circle of concern".

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    What I feel that the maturity age would comes to us after encountering the series of setbacks and by learning from each mistake one becomes more informed and that makes the things right for the next move. This way the person gets into the learning habit and also gathering enough strength on the way. Thus maturity once gained would become the hall mark character of the person because that trait was not copied or downloaded from any but came from the personal experience to the hilt. That is why matured persons would talk less, would not waste their time or others time.
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