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    Is Media presenting correct information now a days.

    With the advanced digitization today, we are having lot of information via TV Media and Social Media. All channels are presenting the information in the way they want. So we must be judgmental enough to select the right media to make a correct mindset.
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    True. The channels are creating stories as they like and see that their TRP rating will improve. They want to create suspense and they want to make every news sensational.
    They never bother about the people who take their news as real news. In addition to that these channels go for discussions with local politicians of various parties. The discussion never makes any sense and they go on shouting on each other and never restrict their discussion to actual point.
    One should never depend on these channels or social media. That way print media is a little better. But they are also not 100% correct. DD channels which are the channels from government may give corect news. So I always hear those news only.

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    It is the fact that media is very biased and they are not giving the right information and even siding with partisan attitude. Gone are the days when print media was there and people used to believe. After the advent of electronic media there is virtual who first war and the news is compromised in the sense that we are shown with file shots and not the real video, therefore the very essence of live tv gone on vain. And the news is highly tilted with one party or the other and therefore the other side or the real story is not available to us. Down with such media which is not caring to our expectations.
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    Today the media is conspicuously divided in two groups. One is the honest and nationalistic journalism which is against the criminals and corrupt Govt or private employees and the other is the clever ones who take advantage of all sort of influential people by acting as a PR for them and earn facilities and money from that favour. Most of the people know these things and are able to distinguish between the news items accordingly. At the same time there are some gullible voters who are not aware of this complex situation and they are responsible for change of political parties coming in power time to time in our country. The politicians target these gullible people as they know that the intelligent ones will not be coming under their spell. Media is very important in a democratic system but the present polarisation of the media is creating much confusion for the people.
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    I am in agreement to above viewpoints. There are only few channels left where we can watch authentic and unbiased news. Else every other channel is just mending money by showing news which are not even relevant for a common man agendas and are just presenting entertainment. Corona Pandemic is another big example. Now none of the channels are even talking about it and yet pandemic is not yet over. People are loosing their lives on daily basis and secondly what is the effectiveness of vaccine, none of channel is debating about it.

    These are the agendas which are relevant for a common man to understand not just boasting about the existing government and their leaders. So media should sensitize themselves as they are mirror of the society and voice of public. Duty must be understood and should be presented in effective manner

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    The media is not presenting the correct news except for a few. The media is considered the fourth pillar of democracy. Unfortunately, the media is not fulfilling its role. Many of the media houses became the mouthpieces of the official propaganda. The Government policies and actions are not criticized by the majority of the media. It is the job of the media to make news available to the public without any fear and make the Government accountable to the people of the country. It is not so anymore. In the Press Freedom Index 2020, India is ranked at 142/180. This gives an indication of the press in India and how it is covering the news.
    Recently there is a case against a media house that supposedly bribed to increase its Television Rating Point(TRP). We may come to know many interesting points in this case as it progresses.
    The media is trying to influence the people by their partisan coverage. Its job is to provide the news and allow the public to form their opinions. This is not being followed instead they are trying to influence the public.

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