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    Is online education is the right way for students

    As we have seen in current pandemic, education system has been shifted for online education.
    Small kids are getting addicted to mobiles or tablets because of this change of system.

    It seems very dangerous for small kids at least who are getting habitual to this type of system.
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    The author has rightly said, the advantages of online education are less and the disadvantages are greater. The traditional method of studies has been and should be the most appropriate. If we talk about the current situation then online education is a necessity but this need has arisen due to the current situation ie Corona epidemic. As soon as the condition would be normal again, the same method of studies is the most appropriate in which the children go to school and get an education in front of the teacher, along with their school friends because the environment which the school can provide to the children, we cannot give it in online education. Children not only get bookish knowledge by going to school but also get practical knowledge and this behavioral knowledge plays an important role in building the future or career of children.

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    Online education is an alternative to the usual physical mode education and it was adopted in a big way because of the pandemic and it has helped immensely in such a severe infectious environment. Once the things become normal we would be switching back to the normal classroom education. At the same time for some employed people who want to increase their qualifications for a growth in their career or switching to greener pastures, online education is the only way to do that and acquire that particular skill or qualification. So, for some people it is a useful resource.
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    There is no alternative at the present moment to discontinue online education since we cannot provide the kids the regular classes in the wake of the prevailing corona pandemic. The author has rightly said that the small kids are compelled to use mobile so as to get the online session. Even they cannot grasp content and in that situation they are not in a position to get their doubts cleared. For most of the children it seems that it is not the natural way to receive education since they lack the personal touch and affection of their teachers. The kids are deprived of conducive environment of the classes where they could exchange their ideas with their colleagues.

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    The pandemic made all the educational institutes to get closed. Because of that, the teaching for the students was stopped. How long they can stop. Hence online education has become compulsory. Online education has come for the kids as a stop-gap arrangement. It is helpful in saving a year for students. Once the pandemic is over and vaccine administration is completed I think the class room teaching may start back.
    As mentioned by the author the online education has some disadvantages also. The kids will get addicted to mobiles and laptops. They will never concentrate on studies. So the parents should take a special interest and see that their kids will use mobiles properly for education purpose only. They should be given phones when classes are there. Parents should also see that their kids will concentrate on hearings the lessons and doing the required homework for understanding the subject well.

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    Online education was started because schools were closed due to pandemic and students were not able to continue their study. When students will not study then why they will pay the school fee. It was a big concern for private educational institutions because their main aim is to earn money by providing education to students, so this system was adopted by schools and colleges. They are more focussed on their fee instead of imparting education to their students. I have talked to many students, even brilliant students are not happy and comfortable with online learning, they are waiting for starting their offline classes which they find better than online learning.

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    Right now online education is the only option for students to pursue education although it can not replace the traditional system of education. As the situation improves and the pandemic is over, schools will be reopened. But at present circumstances, online learning is a feasible option to engage students in the learning process.

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    I somewhat feel that online education is not syncing with the child nor the parents. There are many reasons which can be attributed. That the child misses the huge personal touch of the teacher which is the must for small class children. The child misses the friends at the school and when they see them on line they tempted to meet and the thoughts are on them and not the studies. Invariably the teacher is fast in explaining and the child cannot ask question and even if asked the teacher would chide for attentive class and the parents are unable to cooperate with the child because they also have the online duties and thus cannot cope up. But we have to arrange and adjust with the new normal situation and the children are also understanding that this academic year as to end like this arrangement only.
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