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    Most people live in their past or future.

    Every great person or motivation books teaches us one thing, that whatever it is, is just today, so one must learn to live in the present. Many people also try to live in their present and if seen, we try to make it better by only work on our present.

    Yet if we look in a little deep, then we will find that more than half of the world is living either in its past or in its future. Some people always think about their past things, whether they are good or bad and some are lost in future dreams. The effect of this is that people do not focus as much on the work they are doing in the present as they should and then even after a day today will become a part of our past.

    Life becomes past like this slowly, and then we cannot change the past, so focus on today as much as possible, the future will be good on its own.
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    Hi, yes you are right most of us live either in past or future. It is a result of our thinking process that is always in a state of motion. Very rare personalities has overcome from this and started to live in present. It takes time to reach this point where person become no mind.

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    Living in past glory for long is not going to help us. Your past efforts made you what you are today. The work you are doing today may give you tomorrow. So for a better tomorrow concentrate on today and live in the present. That will ensure you a better tomorrow.instead of that if you enjoy past glory thinking a better tomorrow without doing anything now will make you down in your life. One should live in present and perform whatever he is supposed to do so that your future will be encouraging.
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