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    There is lack of Health care services and shortage of physician in rural areas. How to fill the gap?

    Hi, Last month I visit my home village during Panchayat elections. I have seen there is no proper hospital in the Village. Even only one physician is there to handle the health services. I think this time the elected members should take first step to improve health care services in village. There are many villages or rural areas that are not getting enough healthcare facilities. This is really serious issue and it should be one the top list for the wellfare of people. Please expand your views on this.
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    Many doctors never like to work in rural areas. They want to stay in cities or big towns. Even the government posts them in a village they stay in a nearby town and make up and down. So the availability of a doctor to the people of that village. The government should take severe action on the doctors who are not staying at the place of work. Then only they stay in villages. When the doctor is staying near by all other staff also stay near.
    Another point is making rural.service at least for a minimum period compulsory. After getting selected as government doctor every doctor should accept to stay and work in rural.area. That will make some improvement in the conditions of the dispensaries in rural.areas some what better I feel.

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    This is a problem in our country for last so many decades. Every year so many doctors are coming out of the medical colleges but there is a shortage in remote and rural areas. The reason is very simple. There is no life and fun in the rural areas. Life is dull and boring there. This is not my perception but is the perception of so many medical graduates who are coming out of the college every year. The irony is that the fresh doctor is ready to work for a small salary in the city but will not join the state Govt medical service in the remote place which has a lucrative salary and other perks.
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    It is because of apathy of the medical graduates to render their service in the rural areas causing inconvenience to the rural people in getting the medical assistance. No frsh doctor would like to join in a village dispensary because of some reason or the other. This can be tackled by the government with the introduction of some stern steps such as not allowing such doctors for the postgraduate course unless they render their services in the village level for at least two years. Then only this issue can be resolved effectively. Government should also ensure the availability of free medicines to the rural people in the wake of their poor economic conditions.

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    Many villages are having shortage of doctors and also the health care needs clinics. But the govt doctors who are supposed to serve at least 3 years in rural areas are not doing so. In fact the TS govt is now taking undertaking at the time of MBBS admissions that they have to serve for three years in rural areas otherwise they would be removed. Even this is not cared and none accepting the order. Only the central intervention on this matter should clarify the future course when doctors should also take care of rural people and stay there. Till then we have to be content with what available.
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    Yes, it is a big problem that there is no proper medical system in rural areas, and as other authors have rightly said that most doctors want to live in urban areas also. The growth of any country is necessary for its citizens to be healthy and for this, it is necessary to have a good medical system. It is not that the government does not take steps for this, but still, people do not have support in this direction. The sad thing is that the famous and great doctors of our country are offering their services to foreign countries and yet there is such a shortage of doctors in rural areas in our country.

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    Yes this is really pathetic situation that new medical graduates doesn't want to serve in village areas for at least few years. Center government should interfair in this matter because in India we have more percentage of people living in rural areas.

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