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    To err is human; to forgive is divine. But are we divine?

    To see every human being doing mistakes is so common. And we do have too many people doing so many mistakes. For instance, those who are 40 years now somehow refuse to take care of their old parents who are now 80 plus. Yet, the parents forgive them. They lead pretty ordinary lives in temple towns where they visit the temples so regularly and then suddenly fall so ill. They forgive their sons or daughters. They just die and those who are near them do the final rites.

    This experience gets repeated again and again. This is the last generation, now around 45 or 50 years, with parents who are 70 and above. Sometimes there are three children and the toss is made to take care of parents. Similarly, do we see politicians dig up small mistakes of their opponents and go hammer and tongs after them, for sheer political reasons. And mostly by spending public money.

    When are we going to become divine?
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    The author has put up a thought provoking topic - are we divine and if not then when we will become one. The new generation has learned new culture adopted from western sources as we are much influenced by that in our lives and most of the things we do are simply mimicking the western world. We did not know when we lost those family ties which were an integral part of an Indian family just a few decades ago. Very few families today are in that system where parents are cared like the children. It is unfortunate but the way a society transforms is a complex process and it is not in our hands to correct it at the present juncture. The mushrooming of old age homes in our country especially in Banglore-Coimbatore, Mumbai-Navi Mumbai, and other area are a testimony of this as many children today are settled in the foreign countries and except sending some money to their parents they cannot do any other thing.
    Knowledge is power.

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    One should accept his mistake as mistake. Many people these days are not thinking that not taking care of their parents is a mistake. They feel that what they are doing is right. Never think of taking care of their parents
    Some people think that putting parents is old age homes and paying money there is a real help to their parents. But they never think that parents want love and affection from their children. Parents hold the hands of their children and bring them up. They expect the same thing from the children when they grow up. But people will never think of staying with their old parents. This is most unfortunate.
    As mentioned by the author, the parents forgive their children even though they do many mistakes. Today's children are tomorrow's parents. So they have to face the same situation what their parents are having today. Once they become parents they learn how to forgive and they become divine.

    always confident

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    I disagree with you and if you realise what mistake you have done, you will say I did not mean it.
    In last line you have bounced back to your favourite topic .i.e. Congress vs BJP.
    Congress is not like an "Old man" and BJP is not like "Young man" because BJP is the new version of Jan Sangh. Else as per claim, it may be purported that Congress party is dying, therefore, its shortcomings should be forgiven by BJP.

    Now back to main topic. I agree with the author that every young person should be sorry for not serving his parents. It is not the matter of forgiving rather it is the matter of shame for us if we don't serve our parents like servants because if these "two persons" died, we can't recover this loss. You may become the king of the world, you can purchase every comforts of the world. Friends, relatives will be waiting for your glimpse at your palace but you can never get the love of parents.

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