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    Which is better - to rule in hell or to serve in heaven?

    When we search a job then after a long search we are successful in getting one depending upon our capabilities and skills. Another thing is that sometimes we even get two jobs out of which we have to choose the one that we like. Every one has ones own choice in this regard and what pleases one may not be a thing of liking for other person. One man's meat is another man's poison. Let us say that out of the two jobs available one is a higher position in a place full of disturbances and conflicts and another one is in a peaceful place but job is at lower level. This situation is literally known as 'to rule in hell or to serve in heaven'. If such a condition comes in our lives then we have to think and decide as which one we have to go for. In such a case which one will you choose?
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    There are some places or organisations and companies where the situation is very bad due to the indiscipline and disorder and I do not think that anyone would like to work in such an environment. Some people having greed for more salary may join there but they will be under stress and continuous confrontation with the bad employees and will not have their peace of mind. I would prefer to serve in heaven.
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    For that matter all of us are the sinners and none is eligible for the heaven and we would be taken to the hell for sure and based on our good behavior we would be considered for heaven.
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    It depends on the leadership qualities of people. If someone is clever and cunning he will choose to rule on others as a boss. And the best way to control them is that he should use his divide and rule policy to change the working environment of his company and gradually, should take disturbing elements on target by turn. He can make them his followers by his divide and rule policy.
    On other side If the person has no courage to face disturbing environment he should choose a peaceful working environment.

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    We can rule in hell and with our skill and talent if we can change hell into a heaven nothing like it. Unless otherwise we get into the job we don't know whether it is a hell or a heaven. Getting into the job and converting your workplace as a heaven will speak about your efficiency.
    When we have good understanding about the work we have to do definitely we may be getting an upper hand in the working area. If we are bad at the works we have to do we can convert a heaven to a hell.

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