Will the present professional younger generation survive this burnout?

The IIT and IIM or ISB professionals become General Managers before age of 30 and even Cice-Presidents before 32; but, at huge cost. For the past nine months, they have been slogging for over sixteen hours from home. Companies are happy since they have saved on infrastructure costs; there has been a massive rush to become very rich, very soon. Buying fabulous apartments for three crore rupees in prestigious gated communities and live lavish lives.

Burn-outs of such professionals are now common. They are clueless as to how to manage themselves. They go behind "Art of living" and fancy Yoga sessions that they just cannot take up seriously at all. Sometimes parents who stay with such professionals try to counsel them to some extent.

The key question is: will these professionals now manage the present burn-out? How can they manage the situation?