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    Go down memory lane of all the happy times

    Three or four decades of living together is still common in many communities. Such joint families always have someone to chip in with some work or the other. And happiness keeps circulating in such environs, as the love and affection is unconditional. Near Pollachi, one of the most beautiful towns in India, one can see such families in the villages. It is nature at its best. Hence, the unpolluted environs possibly add to the happiness in one way or the other.

    Cut to the urban settings. Nuclear families. Every child so busy with his or her cell phone for hours on end, even after the mandatory online classes. So, what does one do? Simple. Call you old friends and relive all the happy moments. The selflessness of parents at that point in time. The lovely times when too many jokes and fun and all that was so common in the absence of even computers. No What s up and no internet. Yet, life was simply superb them. Relive all those lovely moments and feel happy. Yes. Someone with razor sharp memories will bring back all the positivity of all those times.

    Soak yourselves in that atmosphere.
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    Those who are born and brought up in the village environment connected to the old thoughts know very well that the joint family system was the best for many reasons. That all the good and bad things would happen inside the family and there would be lots of self confidence among the family members. In those days the large joint families are into the agriculture produce and the earning would be super. But these days the families are small and cannot take the help of all. Those who are having small families they have to be in the bracket of their contacts and cannot go beyond. But the joint family members drawn inspiration from one another and the cordial relations which happens thanks to the effort of the head of the HUF and thus major finances are controlled and spent keeping view the future exigencies.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    In villages and small towns joint family system still exist but gradually, it is dying in towns too. Joint family is now no more feasibles because young sons go for job away from their family and after their marriage they keep their family with them where they have employment and their parents live in villages. However, they come back to their village to celebrate festivals or some other occassios too.

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    We had a joint family and also had pets when I was in my school. The biggest entertainment that still hovers in my mind is playing with our pets, who usually waited for us till we return from the school and gave them time in the backyard. They were so excited in our company that we had to calm them down in the evening before we took them inside and gave them some food etc.
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    My happiest memories pertain to my school time during my age from 15 to 19 years when I was asked to visit my grandmother in the village almost at every weekend to supply her some goodies from the town. At that time there was no road, no electricity, and no water connection and we had to be on the mercy of the natural resources available in the village. My grandmother never liked to live in town so she was living alone in the village on her own and we were supporting her for small things from the town. We had some fields in the village from which sufficient grains were reaped for her requirement and apart from that she had very little requirement as she survived with the bare minimum in her life. I was astonished and amazed on her ways of managing things and probably acquired many traits at that time itself from her that are benefitting me even today. She was a widow and took food only once in a day and that also in the noon time. She did everything herself and for a school child from the better life in the town it was beyond comprehensible.
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    The importance and advantages of a joint family will be understood when we are in difficulties. When we have money in our hand and when we have everything around us and when we are in happiness, we never understand the importance of a joint family. But when we are in troubles and when we want somebody to help us only we understand the importance of people.
    Even today in some families these togetherness is visible. But slowly that concept is going away and more so in towns and cities. I think now the seniors should try to explain the importance of blood relations and how to keep them up.
    Another problem is that many couples these days are having only one child. So they don't understand the brother and sister concept. Father, mother and kid. This is the family. Once the child grows up and gets married. That will become a separate family and their kid only is their family member.

    always confident

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