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    You need several stitches to save not nine but nine into nine

    Modern competitive life is one that demands tact. It might require several stitches. For example, look around and see the zero debt families. They will never ever borrow beyond their means and never use a credit card. They would shun all luxury
    They would cut off anyone who does not respect them. And most do not even discuss any politics.

    The positive stiches would revolve around the tremendous choices and how we exploit them at the right time. Wise bankers on the move never ever disturb their families when their child enters the eighth standard. Similarly, when blessed with a divine voice, the man or the woman becomes a pucca music professional and even chunk fancy IT jobs.

    Today, the professional stiches are too many. They relate to our lives and to those of others as well. And then take care minute care of their families. Compulsory higher education in the West after a good degree in India, is another stictch. We would save 81 when we get the stiches one after one in our lives.

    We just do not have any choice, either.
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    The author has touched the facets of life which cannot be avoided and yet one can deal with situation according to the need and want. Borrowing is not a bad idea and credit card has become the part of parcel of earning persons because they have to meet the sudden expenditure which is not expected before hand and they go for the credit card facilities. But seldom less people understood that credit card squeezes much credit from us and we turn to be pauper over the long run if much money was kept on drawn or utilized, Many have to sell the gold, jewels and even assets to pay the credit cards.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Different people plan their lives in different ways. Some people will be wise and make their lives happy by limiting their expenses to their income levels. They will never go for loans. Some people spend money without thinking about their income levels and methods of repayment. Ultimately, the person has to pay the money what he has borrowed and for that, he has to struggle life long.
    Some will consider their issues and they don't worry about other's problems or the don't expect others to help them. They never look at somebody for some help. That is their way of life. The paths are many and the choice is yours.

    always confident

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    I agree with the author and I appreciate him the way he has written his post. There are several people who don't want to take debt, instead they can face trouble but would never like to take a burden of debt as borrowing debt invites humiliation and their self respect is most important for them.

    I agree that some people know very well how to earn money without doing any business. I know many people of this sort who knows how much amount they have to deposit in banks and which type of account they have to open and when they have to purchase shares and when they have to sell their shares and they also know when they have to purchase gold biscuits and when they have to sell them. All this information remain on their finger tips.

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    In this competitive world, we have to be well within our means. Taking loan for immediate luxuries is a wrong concept. Zero debt families are the ideal families and will have peace of mind. As regards switching to better places for jobs or education, it is a need and it might give one edge over others in getting a better employment elsewhere. So choices are there and one has to taker up them with due diligence.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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