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    Opposition decision to boycott budget session unfortunate

    While the budget session of the Parliament is being held, the leaders of opposition has met in Delhi and decided not to participate in the Parliament as the government is getting to present the General budget including Railways budget. When their definite presence are required the opposition choose to boycott the session citing govt indifferent attitude to farmers stir. That means the opposition is getting rid of a big chance to debate and question govt on every issue of recent past and this situation gives leverage for the govt to pass the budget proposals as it is.
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    It is not happening for the first time in Indian history. It has been happening for many years. I have also seen how the parliament session would be disturbed and disrupted by opposition parties. It is all common in our democracy.
    I don't think it's unfortunate at all.

    As a democratic country, we are to be more matured. We need healthy debate and discussion between ruling and opposition parties.
    As far as farmers- issue is concerned, opposition parties are free to boycott budget session to show their support to farmers. They have full right to have the support of farmers in the next elections. Farmers class is a Big group which vote for BJP. If farmers are angry with BJP., then obviously, farmers may vote for these parties. It's all politics.

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    That is only a way of escapism and lack of confidence and worth. The opposition stands fully exposed now. They do not have anything to factually beat the government with. If some revelations are made then they will be more vulnerable. The things the know very well.So they just want to make a camouflage and save themselves from further defeats.

    Walkout and boycott comes helpful in such circumstances. But by boycotting they are losing their moral rights and duties to the people who had elected them in good faith.

    The opposition know now that they cannot put the government under any pressure because govt has majority in both houses. Earlier it was not so. In the recent incidents even media persons are exposed and shown to the world how they manipulate and spread wrong news and untruths. Thus opposition party knows it cannot get away with mis-propaganda and misinformation for more time. Thus boycott idea is a way to save face. It suits all as govt can easily carry on with the business on the table.

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    The way the stir was let loose and the violence after math proved that opposition held responsible.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I also agree and feel that opposition is now very much desperate and in this desperation is taking some hasty decisions which may not be helpful to it in the coming elections. This may not induce the farmers to vote for opposition and at the most the opposition will be able to polarise the farmers in two groups and all the farmers then would not be voting for the BJP. Let us see how the events unfold in coming weeks.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Opposition is always at loggerheads with the ruling party and there is nothing unusual about it. Everywhere in the world in democratic countries same thing is happening and it is definitely a good sign for a healthy democracy but it is valid only till the opposition is opposing on proper issues and not for the sake of opposition only. This has happened umpteen number of times in the past but due to our short memory we forget all these things and feel that opposition is hurt and why they are doing like that. Desperation and frustration will simply weaken the opposition further and they will do some silly mistake and lose the confidence and following of the public at large and may lose the next coming election. Today we do not have any graceful and diplomatic political person in opposition and that is why the things are moving in a very cheap, obvious, and conspicuous ways.
    Knowledge is power.

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    The Joint Parliament Session addressed by the President was boycotted by the Congress and another 15 opposition parties. The boycott was to protest against the insensitive handling of the farmer's movement against the farm laws. The opposition parties are boycotting the President's address but not the entire Budget Session. The Aam Aadmi Party and the Akali Dal separately announced their boycott of the President's address. The opposition parties accused the Centre of "orchestrating" the violence in the Capital. The opposition parties will take part in the debate on the budget and the rest of the budget session.
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    If the opposition feels that govt has erred they should have come with alternate solutions and boycotting is driving away from the situation.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Opposition parties have boycotted President's address. It will attract farmers because farmers of the country are watching the ruling party as well as opposition parties, how they go further about their protest.
    I think the government will try to appease angry farmers now.

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    We have useless and coward politicians as opposition leaders. They have no guts to discuss the farmer's issue in the parliament. They have no valid points to oppose the farm laws. Even if they discuss, they would lose it because of BJP's strength in the parliament. They are boycotting the presidents address prior to the budget session which is not correct. President is supreme and is above politics. Opposition leaders should respect him.

    The opposition complaint is - The president is reading out the speech prepared by the government for the president. Let the president speak anything. It is their duty to listen to his address and come up with their comments on his speech during their thanks giving speech. They should not rake up the farmers' issue during the budget session which is very important for our nation.

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    It is true that this is not the first time that the opposition has got an opportunity to go against the ruling party and arrange its votes for the next election through issues. The problem is that every party is trying to make its own power, but when thinking about the interest of the people of the country, they all become selfish. Everyone is fulfilling their meaning under the guise of democracy. In this politics of corruption, the general public is getting troubled in every way and its solutions are not understood.

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    For boycotting or for remaining absence from such important sessions in the parliament, the MPs should be punished with a salary cut. If done, they may not attempt to boycott or remain absence in the future.
    No life without Sun

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    They are politicians whether they belong to BJP or Congress or any other party. They will not bring any bill in parliament which harms them. Don't be too much emotional. Do you ever consider why they don't boycott parliament when they increase their salary and other perks and freebies. Even media doesnot highlight these bills. Do you know how many freebies they have chosen for themselves ?
    All politicians are on the same boat.
    Who are you or me ? None except a stupid emotional voter.

    AAP has been supporting Farmers but it has already issuesd notification for farm laws. Why ?
    BJP leaders often heard saying that Vadra should be arrested. Then why he is not arrested?

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    Sun at #721970, it is really irritating to note that we still have such blind followers. You speak of discussion in the Parliament well knowing that the Farm Bills were not discussed in the Houses despite demands by the opposition. How can we be so insensitive? Why are we trying to shift blames? Who are we trying to save? Shouldn't we, The People, be responsible?

    And Mohan, please be sure of what you post. The opposition has not decided to boycott the budget session but only the President's address. It is not fair to twist facts as per personal inclinations in a site like ISC. Please remind yourself that this is not a social media platform.

    'Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power'. -Lao Tzu

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    The same farm bill was brought up and discussed while UPA was in power. The same has been implemented by the BJP government. What's wrong? It was acceptable to Congress then. Congress has changed its stand now to get the farmers to their side. It is the cunning Congress which creates problem to the ruling government. No doubt Congress is behind the farmers. The present government won't roll back or repeal the farm laws. It has the support of 90 percent of small and poor farmers of India. It would be better for the Punjab, Haryana, and UP farmers to budge and go with the government by suggesting suitable modifications/change/amendments to the farm laws within a time frame of 18 good months that has been offered by the government. Farmers should give up their adamant protest and make use of this 18 months opportunity.

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    Many times this type of issues will be happening. But as of now, I think nobody decided to boycott the budget meeting of Parliament. Some parties did not attend the address by the president.
    Actually, opposition parties should be strong and they should work to protect the interests of the public and should try to have a check on the ruling party. But we observe that in our country no party in opposition tried sincerely for that. Their only aim is to say no to whatever the government says. I think that attitude should change. The opposition should make a fair attempt to find out the faults of the ruling party. Once such things happen only the people's interests will be protected.

    always confident

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    #722060, was it the same bill? Please check out and be clear. Don't argue for the sake of it. You need to be sure about what you say. And please realise why the agitating farmers are not agreeing to the 18 months stay by this government. They, as most of us, are very well aware of how this government can take a U-turn.

    Just tell me one thing, why is this Modi led government asking for 18 months? Why can't they act today? It is just another tactic.

    'Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power'. -Lao Tzu

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    Giving an interview to National Dastak, Bhagwat Maan, an M.P. of Adam Admi Party made serious allegations against the government that when AAP MPs reached parliament to take part in President address, they were stopped at the gate of the central hall. Security informed them that their names were not in the list of MPs who were allowed to enter the hall. Then they protested and raised slogans. He said that AAP was not the part of 16 parties group which boycotted the President Address.
    Bhawat Maan said that the government knew their stand about farmers- protest.

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