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    What do you choose to buy outside food or take homemade lunch with you?

    Hi, When I was working in Banglore I used to eat outside food for three times a day. Then I used online food delivery service. All my friend's are doing the same thing and we all get fed of outside food. We want something that feels like homemade food. Then we all decide to prepare food one by one on alternative day basis. Now I came back to home as I got job here so now I bring lunch from home. For me outside food is good in such circumstances but not daily. Homemade food is really essential factor to be more healthy. So what do you choose to buy outside food or take homemade lunch with you?
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    Nothing can match the taste and hygiene of home made food and for those who are going to office and has the hectic schedule they cannot take the risk of outside food which may tell upon their health. Home made foods are safe and made to our taste. That means there is no question of rejecting the food during the lunch where as the out side food which are ordered may differ in taste and may also go against our wishes. For some it is the compulsion to eat the outside food and in that case engage food from the house holds supplies who are now preparing food as per our order and charge reasonable. One of a family nearby my house supplies food for IT employees and by 2 pm the hot homely food is served for rupees 2000 per month and there is no complain of bad taste and the food is very tasty too.
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    Home-made food is incomparable in taste. Hotel food can not be taken daily. When I was away from home and staying in a city, I had to eat the food at hotel or restaurant or dhaba. But their taste was almost unchanged. Then I used to change these hotel to change the taste, assuming that another hotel-food might have different taste. But after one or two meals I felt ennui about it too. In this situation I would go near railway station where a husband-wife would run a small hotel. They had a cart, woman would cook food and husband would serve .Who were their clients? Rickshaw pullers, labourers. When I wentt there for the first time, I was a bit hesitant but for changing taste of food I ate and believe me that taste of food was much better than five star hotel restaurant because it was simple food cooked by a woman. It had taste of home made food.

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