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    Do you start your day with tea or coffee and how many times a day do you drink?

    Hi, I used to drink tea (sometimes coffee) almost everyday. I generally drink tea or coffee three times a day. Here in Himachal most of the people are used of it. In winters consumption of tea is more than any other season. Having snakcs with it is common here. It makes us fresh and alert throughout the day. In many states of India people used to drink coffee, tea and green tea etc. So do you start your day with tea or coffee and how many times a day do you drink?
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    For me the day begins at wee hours and the Coffee is the must beverage for all of us and I prepare the coffee for all in the family and the first sip is ready by 4 am. Nothing suits me without coffee and I feel like ignited and energized to have the beverage of my kind and taste and that gives the wonderful feeling in the morning. Even while traveling in train or bus I used to search for the Coffee early in the mornings and luckily in most of the places in South we have coffee making kiosks sellers and thus would suffice the need. We are fond of coffee with 60 is to forty ratio of chicory mix and that gives the nice aroma and flavor with froth preparation. Most of the South Indian homes begin with the strong coffee and in the evenings the tea is preferred with ginger mix and some times chocolate flavor is also tried.
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    For some people the day cannot start without tea or coffee and then during the day also till late evening they continuously require things these time to time. These drinks have their own addiction and the total consumption in a day depends on as how badly one needs them. In my case I have no habit for these and I may or may not take them and even if I take it is hardly for one time coffee either in the mooring or afternoon.
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    Frankly speaking, I am a tea addict though I take coffee also occasionally. Since my childhood as I was living in a cool hill area, we all were habitual of taking a hot cup of tea as first thing in the morning and after getting fresh we would have the second cup immediately. Then in the day we would have at least one but most of the time two cups of tea ad then the last cup was sometimes there in the late evening when we were tired of the day. So a total of 4-5 cups of tea was so normal and when I grew up it continued and in fact during my active service life it even escalated to 7- 8 cups a day as every decision making was taken with a cup of tea! Once I got superannuated from my active service life it slowly subsided back to 4-5 cups which I am still maintaining. I cannot think of life without tea at the present juncture. It is definitely an addiction, I admit.
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    I start my day with tea and after one hour another tea with breakfast. In the evening we are habitual to have another teatime. Due to cold frequency of tea taking has been increased in my home. But late night tea I prepare for myself when all family members are slept. This is the only tea which I prepare myself.and this is the best tea of the day for me. I don't have coffee, at all, however, if tea is not available then I can take coffee as well. I see some people like coffee but I hardly take coffee. After having food I like to take tea but sometimes, it happens that I have to attend any marriage function and there is no arrangement of tea then I have to take coffee instead.

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    I think tea is one of the most drinkable items in India. I love drinking tea and I start every morning with black tea. I drink milk tea after taking a bath, and after that, I still have 3 to 4 cups of tea a day. I live in a joint family and make tea many times at home because I make tea for everyone myself, so my chance of drinking tea becomes even greater. I know that more tea is harmful to health and I try to do this habit of my tea only 2 times. I do not like coffee as much as I like tea but still, my younger brother likes to have black coffee in the morning so I have tried it once a week.

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    But most of the South Indian homes have the coffee on one hand while browsing the day news paper. And feel mostly energized after having it and start the work.
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    Tea is my favourite sip early in the morning and I am so much addicted to this beverage that I need the same in the form of green tea within half an hour of leaving my bed. Of course, the same is followed by a pair cream cracker biscuit. The same follows again at 10 am after my breakfast. But this time I need a tea of strong aroma followed by the richness of milk with a little addition of sugar. This is the normal time when the entire family would like to have sips of this variant. Again at around four in the evening, I would sip green coffee devoid of milk and sugar. The taste satisfies to a great extent apart from health benefits associated with this drink. At around 7pm , we would like to have the normal tea with the addition of milk containing a little sugar. This is my last cup if no one known to me turns up in the night.

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