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    Do not spoil the child's morning due to your busy schedule.

    Nowadays parents are quite busy, especially working parents. Both have to prepare for office and home from the morning, even when we talk about working women, they have more responsibilities, from the morning they have to prepare some of the works of the house, from raising the child to make him/her ready for schools, making lunch then Preparing their own office work, etc.

    Due to so many responsibilities, many times women get rude even when they do not want to do so with children, children start their day with scolded by parents in the morning, while we all want that children need their morning with love so that they have a nice day.

    In this, parents cannot be blamed completely, they are not guilty, because it happens due to busy routine but still it should be noted that their children should always have a peaceful and happy morning. For this, the women of the house, as well as the men, should contribute themselves in some work of the house.
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    Getting up early in the morning and getting ready for the school itself is a nightmare for the kids. In addition to that if the parents start scolding them the children will get distressed and they start creating problems to the parents. They will become naughty. Slowly they will become arrogant and show more resistance. It is not a good development. So parents should try to be cool with kids and try to make them to understand the importance of going to school and tell them stories which will teach them morals. They will understand dos and don'ts also by hearing such stories.
    We need not blame parents also. They will have many issues and should attend them in time. That work pressure may make them lose their temper.

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    It never happens in our family that children are ever scolded in the whole day let alone in the morning. Children are at the centre of our happiness. How we can scold them. If my daughter pours water in the plate when someone is having his/her food, even in this situation nobody will scold her. The dish will be changed.
    I don't think women should work for the family if women are given the duty of earning money for family besides looking after their children and doing household chores, what the man will do then. He should stop going to his office and should take the responsibility for household work. I see some people send their women out of home for the job because their expenses are more than their income. What is the point in it? When your income is less then curtail your expenses and take all chores within your means. However, if a woman wants to do the job besides taking her responsibilities in the home she is free to do.

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