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    Is there any movie like Sholay that has been released in Hindi?

    Sholay was the ultimate block-buster in India. It was released in Chennai and if my memory serves me right, it ran for more than one year in two Chennai theaters. It was always houseful. I still doubt if there can any movie in any language that can ever match the class of Sholay, in any Indian language.

    Sholay had a compelling story and fabulous acting by Ambitabh Bachchan, Amjed Khan, Hemamalini and Dharmendra. The music was scintillating. One does even need to learn Hindi to understand it. The body language was such. The action scenes were simply out of the world.

    Members who follow Hindi movies closely, may please let me know if there is any other action-packed movie in the same class of Sholinghur. If yes, please do full details.
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    In my 57 years of life never came across such a wonderful movie of mass acceptance and all the characters in that movie lives even today and the most popular were the Basanthi, Gabbar Singh and the acting of many which took the film to all time hit of the Hindi films and in one theater alone this movie was screened for 25 years and earned the Guinness book of world records entry. I think no film maker ever tried such a huge canvas of acceptance as this movie captivated the likes of all for the famous dialogue by Amjad Khan and he became instant hit will all and even today those dialogues are practiced in the reality shows. The way the locales were chosen, the way the acting was done from the characters and Sanjeev Kumar playing the wonderful role of Thakur was something more mesmerizing. I enjoyed the movies many time.
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    Sholay is an accidental movie. It was never expected that this movie will be proven as the ever greatest movie in Bollywood. It's music, star cast, story and most impressive aspect of this movie was - Dialogues which are still echoing. In an interview, late Amjad Khan who played the role of Gabbar Singh said that Sholay was proven an all-time hit movie but it destroyed two people - Amjad Khan (himself) and Sippy, director of the movie. He said, " I could not repeat the same performance as I did in Sholay( Gabbar Singh) and Director could not produce any other movie of this sort.

    Perhaps it made a record of running for five years in a cinema hall in Bombay ( Mumbai). But DDLJ of Shahrukh Khan, Kajol starring movie has broken this record.

    The author is advised to Google to select other action movies in Hindi.

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    I remember the good old film "Alibaba and forty thieves" was one such movie. In Tamil, MGR played the key role with Banumathi, Veerappa as his villain. I do not know about its record-breaking, but was a great movie then.
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    Sholay was a unique movie. It had all the elements of a super duper movie. The story, cinematography, dialogue delivery, suspense, thrill, and action, everything was there and it is remembered for its scintillating effect not only on the Indian audience but the audience worldwide. There were some other movies also in Hindi which were very popular in their own way and were a great success. Some of these are Guide, Mother India, Dosti, Mugl-e-Azam, Waqt, Golmaal, Massom, Saaransh, Ham Aapke Hai Kaun etc. Their themes are different and cover various issues in society and had many elements of entertainment also.
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    Sholay was a well made movie and had a great entertainment value and was running for years in some picture halls. Though there were many good movies made in India but Sholay is really a district one from others.
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